3 Workout Finishers to Challenge Your Clients

3 Workout Finishers to Try

Workout finishers can get a bit boring. It’s really easy to get caught up using the same ol’ exercises in the same ol’ way when your programming for your clients.

I get it! There are two options…

Either finish them off with one of the best finishers in WWE history…

…Or you can have them try one of these challenges.

Workout Finisher: MB 100 Countdown

In this workout finisher you’ll pair up a series of Medicine Ball throws with KB Swings. At then you’ll have completed 100 throws and 30 KB Swings.

You can make it interesting by switching up the swing variations using hand-to-hand swings, stagger swings or single arm swings.

Workout Finisher: Plank Complex Ladder

You won’t need to change positions as you transition from exercise to exercise. You’ll climb the ladder in reps between each exercises going from 10 to 20 to 30.  This is a killer for the shoulders and abs since you are in the plank position the entire time.

  • DB Core Row x 10 total
  • Neutral Grip Push Up (hands on DBs) x 20
  • Mountain Climber Variation x 30 total
  • Rest 30s and repeat 4 more times

Workout Finisher: Lower Body Blast Countdown

Move through this as fast as possible and only rest as needed.

This one will have your lungs and legs screaming!

BONUS! Indy 500 Workout Finisher

I found this gem on my YouTube channel from a couple of years back and I figured since it is Memorial Day Weekend and I’m headed up to the Indy 500 events today it would be cool to share.

This thing sucks…

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