3 Strategic Steps For Fitness Business Growth

Fitness Business Growth Tips For The Business Pro

There are 3 big components to scaling up your fitness business and seeing continual growth. Focusing on these 3 areas will help you overcome most of the biggest challenges that business owners face. So, what are they?


Team building…


Any of those make you squirm a little? That’s likely because you don’t know how to implement these well yet and they are new, maybe even unknown to you. That’s why you’re here though, right? To discover better ways to grow your business.

Fitness Business Growth Strategy: Control Lead Flow

Without a steady flow of new leads and prospects to keep your sales pipeline full your business will struggle to grow. Controlling the flow of leads, so that you can experience predictable and reliable growth, is the first critical skill you need to master as a business pro.

It all starts with a great strategy. That’s a Core Offer, Ideal Client and Local Market Positioning. Dialing in your strategy allows you to focus your efforts, prioritize your activities and eliminate ideas or methods that may not fit.

Many fitness pros, especially as you start out, have too many offers. You run small group, large group, personal training, online training and everything in between. The efforts you put into growing your your fitness business are spread too thin. Instead, hone in on one program and be the absolute best at delivering results for your clients in that one program.

After you establish your strategy the next step is building your marketing plan. You need to identify your top 3 lead channels, ones that fit your strengths, and have a focused plan to acquire that lead and convert them to a client.

Your business will eventually grow and require a larger flow of leads to sustain growth, and it’s at this point where you can expand your marketing, ramp up your investment in marketing, and expand offers to support the business growth.

Fitness Business Growth Strategy: Building A Strong Team

Being a victim of your own success is no fun! Business growth eventually requires more and more to be done to maintain the business success. These tasks fall on your plate at first and eat up your time.

Ever find yourself spending hours on low level activities or things that don’t fit your strengths because they “must get done” and the result is you not doing the stuff that actually matters? Or that gives you energy and purpose?

This trap keeps many fitness businesses stuck. The business owner never brings on a team or learns to delegate tasks to other people so they can free up their time.

Most hires come from an act of desperation. The business owner gets so stressed out and burnt out that they hire the first person that is willing to do the work so they can get it off their plate. This reactive hiring will cost you a lot in the long run.

If you want to build a strong team here’s what you need:

  1. Clearly identified Core Values to use as a filter
  2. An Organizational Chart to create structure in your business
  3. Position Descriptions for the new positions
  4. A hiring process
  5. An onboarding process

These 5 pieces will allow you to make better hires, delegate tasks faster and build a team that supports your culture.

Fitness Business Growth Strategy: Weekly Operating Routine

Poor communication with your team will kill your business. It leads to lots of frustration for both the business owner and the team.

That’s why we created the weekly operating routine for fitness business growth. It allows you to manage and communicate with your team to get the most out of them.

A team that understands their personal impact on the business goals is a strong team.

Here’s your weekly operating routine:

  1. Weekly Team Meeting
  2. Weekly Individual Huddles with direct reports
  3. Weekly Review
  4. Weekly Kick Off

This seems like a lot, but the time you will save and headaches you eliminate by implementing this routine will pay off BIG TIME!

The Weekly Team Meeting is done at the same day and time each week with a set agenda to get the team up to speed and for you as the business owner to get feedback and input from your staff.

The Individual Huddles are done weekly so that you have a 1-1 touch point with each member of your team that reports directly to you. This time is spent on helping them get better at their job and managing their performance.

The Weekly Review and Kick Off are done individually by each member of the team. Our Coaching Partners and our team here at FR uses the Priority Tracker to do a quick review at the end of the week and get our week started. This creates bookends that allow you to focus on your top priorities and celebrate any wins.

Each part of this operating routine builds off the other. Your weekly review and kick off help prepare you for your huddle and team meetings.

If you’re a little hesitant to get started, begin with the weekly Team Meeting. The rewards will be significant and you can gradually implement the other parts of the operating routine.

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