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This FREE 8-minute tutorial video & PDF outlines the fundamentals of setting up an Evergreen Facebook Marketing Funnel so that you can convert more leads to customers, while you sleep!

Are You Ready to Create a Foolproof Marketing System That Will Generate Thousands in Revenue for Your Business in Just a Few Weeks?

Discover how you can create marketing funnels that will fill your business with new clients even if you hate marketing!

Dear Fellow Fitness Business Owner,

Getting leads is tough! No question about it.

The market is saturated with options, and the fitness consumer is more confused than ever.

But there is good news: Most of your competition doesn’t really understand marketing, and they certainly can’t “flip the switch” on a marketing campaign and ramp up their lead generation.

Why is that good news?

Because with the 48-Hour Funnel Formula you’ll have all the tools and info needed to flood your gym with new clients.

It won’t just produce leads: We’ve got the system dialed in so that it will produce paying clients!

Meet Your 48 Hour Funnel Formula Faculty

CJ Easter has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars perfecting his own marketing funnels to produce clients for his 4 training facilities all across the Bay Area in San Francisco.

CJ has taken the lessons he’s learned building his online business and applied them to his training business so that he can produce leads at the push of a button for all 4 of his facilities. These marketing funnels have led to over $26,813 in revenue for his gyms.

And he only spent $9,284.

That’s an insane 288% return on his investment.

Miles Noland, the Paid Marketing Director with us at Fitness Consulting Group, has also produced incredible results for his online baseball training business, his Athletic Revolution sports performance business, and our brands at FCG.

In fact, Miles increased our leads at FCG by 291.3% in just 60 days including optimizing our campaigns to get a 254% return on our investment.

That means for every $1 we spent, we earned $2.54 in the first 30 days! So if we spent $1,000, we made $2,540 in just 30 days.

Not only has CJ been a part of some of the top mastermind and coaching groups in the internet marketing world, but he’s also started helping and coaching other fitness business owners to produce these results for their businesses as well.

You see, before now, if you wanted to really understand the entire marketing funnel that it takes to produce leads and turn them into valuable clients, you had to be a part of high-level internet marketing groups. Those cost upwards of $10,000/year (or more) to join.

Or you could buy an internet marketer’s info course that cost $1,000-2,000 and try to piece it together.

The trouble was you only got part of the solution. You may have learned how to create an email marketing funnel that moved leads to customers. But you missed out on the lead generation aspect. How do people find out about your offer?

If you learned the paid marketing strategies using resources like Facebook, YouTube, or Google Ads, then they never taught you how to build your funnel.

There was no complete resource out there to teach fitness pros how to market their services specifically to build their client base and grow their core offer.

Do you want results like these?

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Prior to working with CJ, our membership had stalled and my staff was not equipped to take proactive steps to bring new clients in, and our budget was very limited. CJ’s plans have allowed us to implement simple, cost-effective systems to begin reaching out to new prospects and signing up new members. We had new clients within a week of starting, and with a very small expenditure, we have brought in almost 40 clients for front end offerings and 18 new members in 4 months. The approach is simple, inexpensive, and far more effective than anything we have done previously in almost 10 years of business.

Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics

Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science…

Creating a marketing funnel can seem a bit overwhelming!

You need to build out a squeeze page, create a sales page, write the copy, create the autoresponders, set up the automation, and create graphics for your ads.

And all that happens before you optimize your funnel!

In the 48-Hour Funnel Formula we'll walk you through the process and make sure you know the exact resources to use to make building your marketing funnels easy.

Your 48-Hour Funnel Course

In this course you'll discover the secrets to building and optimizing a great marketing funnel so you can flip a switch and start getting new leads and more clients fast.

Here’s what’s included…

Module #1: How to Create Your Evergreen FEO

  • Learn the secrets to making the 48-Hour Funnel Formula work for you while you sleep and the philosophy that makes it work for any fitness business.
  • Discover the software and tools that you’ll need to optimize your own marketing funnel and how anyone, with any level of technological skill, can do it.
  • Get an inside look at setting up your own funnel as CJ walks you through each step of the process so you get a complete understanding.

Module #2: How to Create Your Application and Autoresponder

  • Learn how to create a process that filters out unqualified leads and helps set the stage for turning a lead into a client through a very specific application process.
  • Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the application process setup so that you don’t miss any critical pieces of the funnel.
  • Get instant access to a simple worksheet to help you build the application and opt in for your Ideal Client.

Module #3: How to Find and Attract Your Ideal Client on Facebook

  • Participate in a detailed lesson on targeting your ideal client so you get the most bang for your buck on your marketing budget.
  • Copywriting 101 for Facebook ads allow you to play by their rules and keep your account from getting banned while optimizing clicks and conversions.
  • Discover how to track your results and learn the specific metrics you need to watch to ensure your funnel is optimized for converting leads to clients.

Module #4: How to Convert FEOs to Members

  • Ensure that you are setting the stage to convert your FEOs into members through a series of specifically designed autoresponders.
  • Create a checklist to ensure you and your team are delivering a client experience that makes it impossible for an FEO not to sign up for your core offer.
  • Optimize your selling process by creating value through the 48-Hour Funnel Formula email sales system.

Module #5: How to Set Up Your Evergreen Facebook Marketing System

  • Learn how to create an evergreen system for your Facebook ads so you can generate leads and convert them to clients without spending hours a day on your marketing.
  • Learn how to use your 48-Hour Funnel with other traffic sources so that you aren’t tied to only using Facebook so you can maximize your results and budget.

Plus, over $200 in free bonuses!

Bonus #1: How to Keep Your Long-Term Clients Engaged with Quarterly Goal Setting ($99 Value)

This system isn’t just for bringing in leads! You can use the same principles to engage your current clients. Taking care of your clients who are paying you is a must, and this bonus module will teach you exactly how to set up an automated system that helps them set goals, stay engaged, and have a great experience.

Bonus #2: 48-Hour Funnel Formula Workbook ($49 Value)

Get our complete list of checklists and cheat sheets to help you build out your marketing funnel.

  • Application Worksheet
  • Autoresponder Worksheet
  • FEO Creation Worksheet
  • Copywriting Checklist
  • Email Copywriting Checklist
  • Client Experience Cheat Sheet

Bonus #3: 48-Hour Funnel Formula Template Library ($99 Value)

Get access to website templates, ad templates, and more so that you can simply plug in your copy and launch your funnel without stressing over the layout and design.

This valuable bonus will save you hours of frustration trying to figure out the right layout for your pages. Let us show you what works!

“I tried before, but it just didn’t work…”

Most likely, you’ve tried before to run some paid marketing on Facebook or through another source, and it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Or maybe you’ve never even tried it because it seemed like too much to set up and was a little overwhelming.

Doing this the wrong way can certainly be expensive! If you aren’t diligently tracking the right numbers, you could sink hundreds of dollars into a campaign that doesn’t produce the results you need to justify such an expense.

There’s a good chance if you’ve run some Facebook marketing that you got some leads (at least you think you did?), but you weren’t really sure if they ever turned into clients.

By now, you’re probably asking the million dollar question:

“Will this work for me?”

And it’s a great question to ask! The answer is a resounding “YES!”

But only if you are willing to put in a little work and have the time to commit to learning how to do it the right way.

We wouldn’t feel comfortable just giving a “swipe and deploy” Facebook Ad or quick fix marketing campaign. We want to empower you with the knowledge and skills to create a real marketing funnel that will help you grow your business. After all, if you teach someone to fish, you feed them for life.

You’re not only going to get examples of what’s working, but you’re also going to learn the principles behind it so that you can make this work for you for the long haul, not just until Facebook changes its rules.

If you’re looking for a that quick-fix ad that tricks people into signing up for your newsletter or attracts deal seekers on social media, then you can stop reading now and go find one of those “gurus” who will happily take your money and give you an ad that’s likely to get you banned from Facebook.

Here’s how to get started…

You could try to learn all this yourself, spend countless hours testing and tracking funnels that don’t work, and spend thousands of dollars on coaching and internet marketing products to set this up on your own.

The other option is to click the “Buy Now” button below and get started for just $199.99 today!

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Getting the course and bonus materials is worth well over $499.99. In fact, most of the internet marketing courses that we’ve taken sell for $1599.99 to $2999.99 each. Just an hour of CJ’s or Miles’s time would cost you $500 or more for a coaching call!

Hiring someone to help you with organizing your funnel, creating your copy, and planning your paid marketing strategy would cost you thousands of dollars.

And you know what? All of those solutions have been well worth the investment for us!

But we know that might be out of your budget, and we wanted to create an affordable solution that was specifically designed to help fitness business owners who are serious about growing their businesses and making the jump from “fitness pro” to “high-performing fitness business owner.”

That’s why we are only asking for a $199 investment to join this program!

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My 10x Guarantee

I’m so confident this course will produce results for you that I’m guaranteeing that you will get at least 10x your investment out of it, or I’ll give you every penny back.

It’s that simple! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results you get from this program and don’t get at least 10x your investment back in revenue, we’ll refund you immediately.

What are you waiting on?

I hate to seem pushy, but I’ve got to ask…

What’s holding you back? You can create a marketing funnel that is a cash machine for your business by simply clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

The 48-Hour Funnel Formula Course is the only program specifically designed to create an A-to-Z marketing funnel that will produce more leads for you in just 48 hours than you had all last month!

If you’re sick and tired of trying to figure out paid marketing on your own, then this course will put you on the fast track to marketing success.

Even if you are running paid ads with some success, this course will help you optimize your campaigns and increase your conversion rates.

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P.S. If you are sick and tired of trying to figure out the paid marketing puzzle and want to create a marketing system that will leverage your time and give you more freedom—even if you aren’t good with technology—then this is for you!

In just 6 weeks, you can have a completely built and optimized marketing campaign that turns your business into an exclusive “application only” brand that will attract more of your ideal clients, turn away the deal hoppers, and give you more freedom than you can imagine.

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