5 Landmine Upper Body Training Exercises

The landmine is one of the most versatile tools available to trainers today.  It’s been amazing to see how trainers and coaches have progressed from using the landmine for only core work and doing simple rotations with it to using it in complexes and combinations for fat loss and strength workouts.

In today’s quick article I have 5 Landmine Upper Body Exercises from my friends Nick Tumminello and Ben Bruno to share with you today.

Landmine Hybrid Shoulder Press

Landmine Underhooks

Landmine Rainbow 

How not to do these…

Landmine Press and Catch

Ben Bruno’s Landmine Complex

If you are real training geek like me and would like to learn a bit more about the origins of the Sorinex Landmine this is a great (but short) clip  from our Angled Barbell Training: The Best Landmine Exercises course with Richard Sorin, creator of the Landmine,


If you want to get 50+ innovative training tips, tricks and techniques on landmine training check out Angled Barbell Training: The Best Landmine Exercises. 


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