Fitness Revolution helps fitness pros build successful businesses they love running. Through Strategic Business Coaching and an online curriculum FR is able to help these fitness pros tackle their biggest, most pressing challenges.

Typically business owners come to us saying things like…

  • “I’m frustrated with my growth. I’m struggling to find more clients, especially the right type of clients and it’s keeping me from making more money.
  • “I really enjoy what I do, but I’m surrounded by chaos all the time. I’m overworked, stressed out, I’m tired…there has to be a better way.”
  • “I’m a little frustrated when I’m viewed as ‘just another trainer.’ In reality, I’m a business owner. I’m an entrepreneur. And I deserve the respect and credibility that comes with that.
  • “I’ve got some great ideas and big goals, but I don’t have the time to execute them. Every time I try to focus on making these ideas come to life my business pulls me back in again.

These fitness business owners:

  • Are running their business full-time or making that leap VERY SOON and fully invested in making it their career.
  • Are the key decisions makers in their business and have the ability to make these decisions without consulting others
  • Realize that success in this industry will require you to develop a full range of business skills such as marketing, sales, systems development, cash management, and leadership.
  • Possess a growth mindset and understand an investment is required to achieve success
  • Desire to build a business with long term success in mind, dedicated to focusing on building it on a solid foundation, not looking for the quick fix.

Our clients experience success and rave about the experience they have with us because our approach is very different from what you may normally expect…

  • The FR Coaching Programs provide you with professional level business coaching, the same you would expect from trainers and fitness pros that are helping your clients. The Success Coaches aggressively pursue professional development, training and certifications to ensure they are able to maximize their impact on our clients.
  • You can expect Fitness Revolution to “Deliver Kindness”. In a noisy world, constantly fighting for your attention, we’re going to “shoot it straight” with you. You must trust your coaches and the organizations you rely on. We will challenge your current mindset, actions and systems to ensure you get the best result possible. Your best interest is our top priority, and that requires trust, integrity and transparency on both sides.
  • Your long term success relies on your development as a business owner. As a part of the Fitness Revolution Nation you’ll have access to a complete system for running your business that works for all types of fitness businesses, across many niches. You’ll gain confidence in yourself as a business owner, eliminating the fear and anxiety that many fitness pros face in their business. You’ll be empowered to develop into a great business leader.

You won’t find another solution that can develop you into a better business owner than Fitness Revolution.

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