What makes us different?

We deliver training & business education in one place.

Fitness Revolution understands that you can’t have a great business without a great product, or a great process to deliver that product.  We know that you need both training and business resources to be a high-performing business and continue to refine yourself personally and professionally. Fitness Revolution provides you with both in one central location so that you can accelerate your career and elevate your team.

Our experts and faculty provide Fitness Revolution with training and business educational resources from the trenches.  The methods and strategies being taught are used by hundreds of fitness pros in their facilities and with their clients on a daily basis with amazing results.  We also host National and Regional Live Events focused on business development and training education throughout the year to reach as many trainers and business owners as possible. Many of these events are held in our coaching members local training facilities to allow the attendees to see what’s actually working now.

We rank at the top of our class for performance and culture—but don’t just take our word for it.

Fitness Revolution and it’s parent company Fitness Consulting Group have received numerous awards for business growth, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Fitness Consulting Group Recognition:

  • #580 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies (2012)
  • #943 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies. (2013) 
  • #20 Best Places to Work in Kentucky (2014)
  • #2101 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies (2014)
  • #14 Best Places to Work in Kentucky Award Winner (2015)

Fitness Revolution Recognition:

  • #1 Fitness Franchise for Franchisee Satisfaction, Franchise Business Review (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • #193 Franchise 500 (2014)
  • #99 Fastest Growing Franchises (2014)
  • #5 Top New Franchises (2014)
  • #308 Franchise 500 (2015)

Athletic Revolution Recognition:

  • #296 Franchise 500 (2014)
  • #16 Top New Franchises (2014)
  • #273 Franchise 500 (2015)

We have the power of a strong team and community.

The core of our business starts with our Team, and is built around our Core Values and 3 Wins Philosophy.  We believe that creating a Team of people that share our values, love what they do and connect strongly with our purpose will help us attract more people like them and to build a foundation for something much larger.

Those principles create the foundation for synergistic and long lasting relationships.  Relationships and connections are a powerful medium for creating change and we strive to develop and build those relationships with the trainers, coaches and business owners that choose to work with us and who connect with our purpose

The FR Nation is a community of trainers, coaches and fitness professionals that connect with this purpose.  The community is strengthened by our relationships developed through all of our interactions including the quality of content, online communication, peer groups, coaching programs and live events.

Our Fitness Business Alignment System™ helps business owners realize and achieve their vision

The Fitness Business Alignment System™ (FBAS) organizes and simplifies the 5 Alignment Principles™ that are behind all successful businesses and enforces accountability through a proven 3-phase Coaching Process.  Culture, Communication, Systems, Goals & Measurables, and Strategy are principles that every business needs, but they aren’t always obvious to the business owner.  Using the FBAS business owners can prioritize and easily implement the 5 Alignment Principles into their business through the use of our FBAS Tools.

The real magic happens through our 3-phase Coaching Process where the business owner is taken on a journey working with a Success Coach to assess, prioritize and execute business growth and development strategies.  Our team of Success Coaches help business owners identify long term goals, create a plan to reach those goals and guarantee progress through accountability and coaching.

We defined and develop High-Performing Fitness Businesses.

While many business coaches and systems focus on the marketing and sales aspect of growing a business at FR we focus on the core principles that make up high-performing business in the Fitness Business Alignment System™.

That brings up a great question…”What is a High-Performing Business?”

The answer doesn’t lie in the gross revenue, number of clients, size of the team, or the square footage of the facility.  Rather a High-Performing Business provides the owner with three things:

  1. Fulfillment of Passion – A High-Performing Business allows the business owner, and the team members in the business to spend time on their unique ability and fulfill their passion.
  2. Freedom- Time and finances can be two of the biggest stressors for a business owner.  A High-Performing Business affords the owner more time to spend with their family and doing other activities that they enjoy and also financial freedom to not worry about paying their bills and covering the basic needs of living.
  3. Scalability- Creating a business that is flexible enough to change and adapt.  It’s a business based on principles that can survive trends and fads.   This is done through systems that will allow the business grow, innovate, take risks and overcome obstacles without creating chaos for the business owner or employees.

The foundation of a High-Performing business is having a High-Performing Business Owner that operates their business off of information rather than a hunch, who looks to the future and plans for it, using data and a strategic mindset, and is prepared and able to innovate along that journey toward their long term vision. They aren’t looking for the quick fix or a silver bullet. They are looking for long-term solutions to set themselves (and their clients) up for the maximum level of success.

What We Do

  • We help you build the fitness business you want by offering coaching and mentoring programs developed to accelerate your growth.
  • We help you stay on your A-game by providing you with hundreds of resources and materials that help you empower you as an entrepreneur and trainer.
  • We eliminate the guess-work of running a revenue-generating business, by offering turn-key business solutions to fitness professionals.

Our Core Values

  • Relentless Pursuit of Growth and Knowledge:
    As individuals and as a team, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the knowledge, skills, and processes of everyone who is impacted by what we do every day. “Relentless” will always be the only word to describe our quest for self-­improvement.
  • Genuine Dedication to the Success of the FR Family
    We sincerely care about the people on our team, the people we work with, the partners that we serve, and the people that our partners serve. “Faking it” will never be an option in our business.
  • Deliver Extraordinary Value and Service
    Delivering extraordinary value and service is the constant guiding force in the work we do both inside and outside of our team. Our goal is not just to give someone more than what they need; rather, it is to make them so happy with their decision to be involved with us that they can only say ‘wow’.
  • Do What We Say We’re Going to Do
    Dependability is a sign of strong character and a consistent
    characteristic of highly respected and successful people both in business and life. Not only do we hold our
    employees to the highest standard of dependability and accountability, but we make sure that our company
    is held to that same standard in the work we do with our clients.
  • Big Team, Little Me
    Teams function best when they are comprised of uniquely talented individuals all
    working together toward a common goal. At Fitness Revolution, our employees know that the whole is always greater
    than the sum of its parts, and as such, will always put forth their best effort in the service of our company’s
    mission. None of this could be possible without a “We First” mentality.


Want to meet the team of fine folks that make up Fitness Revolution?