You can start the Fitness Revolution story with one simple sentence… “Fitness is a catalyst for change.”

Take just a second to think about all the benefits fitness brings to a person’s life:

  • Courage
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Strength

These are just a few of the many qualities that empower people to make positive changes in their lives (and the lives of those around them.) By empowering trainers and business owners with the tools and resources to run great businesses and become expert trainers, we will be able to create a positive fitness experience for more people across the globe.

But it starts with you.

You can impact tens of thousands of lives over the course of your career.  It’s quite possible that you will never know the full impact of what you do for your clients. The key to having a profound impact is being able to create a career or business that previously only the top 1% of people in this industry were able to achieve.  We want to help you get to that level.

Fitness Revolution is about more than just fitness, it’s about creating experiences and a life that allows you to do what you do best. By focusing our efforts on finding trainers and business owners who believe in that message the way we do, we’re able to extend our reach but also expand our knowledge. Being open to new ideas and building a community of business owners and trainers has allowed us to create innovative systems, develop resources and deliver coaching that accelerates business growth and leave the Fitness Revolution mark on this industry.

To create an impact we, as an industry, need to be open to growth by challenging ideas and exploring new ways to deliver results, both in business and fitness.

With the speed of technology, the use of the internet and smartphones continuing to grow, the personal touch of interacting with another human is falling by the wayside.  We, however, keep that personal touch at the top of our list of ways to create impact. Our Core Values and ‘3 Wins Philosophy’ create the foundation for synergistic and long lasting relationships.  Relationships and connections are a powerful medium for creating change and we strive to develop and build those relationships with the trainers, coaches and business owners that choose to work with us and connect with our purpose.

In the past we have built brands and businesses that serve the fitness industry from franchises to equipment companies.   As we stepped back, looked at our businesses and reviewed our purpose it became obvious…for us to accomplish our goals we need to align our efforts and bring our fitness business products and services together with our training and nutrition information.

Fitness Revolution is about more than just fitness, it’s about creating experiences and a life that allows you to do what you do best.

Why? So that business owners, trainers and coaches that connect with our purpose can find everything we have to offer right here in one place. It’s about creating simplicity and alignment.  We want to be the company that makes your life easier so that you can do what you do best – change the lives of your clients.

How We Have Stayed on Top

We focus on Strategic Planning.
Our business growth resources are based around strategic planning not quick fix marketing and sales tricks.  Strategic Planning is what will allow the GREAT fitness businesses to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

We are Results Oriented.
The FR coaching process and development systems are based on data and proof of success.  Testimonials, statistics and even our awards prove that we are focused on growth not just for the fitness businesses that we work with but also our own team.

We are selective.
It’s clear that we aren’t for everyone.  Our passion lies in helping the career-focused fitness professional create the opportunities that will fulfill them. The industry’s future depends on the development and growth of career-focused fitness pros, and we are setting out to help them.

We innovate.
From our coaching process and Fitness Business Alignment System™ (FBAS) to our platform for delivering courses and development opportunities we strive to be a leader, and not just in our industry.  To help us become, and stay, a leader we must stay at the front of trends.

We offer straight talk.
Honesty, integrity and trust are all part of the relationship building process.  We take them seriously and promise to help you grow by telling you exactly like it is.