Close Every Sale by Tailoring Your Tactics

Tailoring Your Sales Tactics for Every Individual

By Nathan Miller

What is your strategy in sales? Hard sell until they buy? Lay out options and let them choose? Talk about anything but avoid the prices? Wow them with the features of the program? 

Here is the funny part about sales—none of these tactics work—consistently at least. Really, only some of these actually work 30% of the time. It really all depends on the individual in front of you.

Intuitively, that makes sense. Not everyone is going to value the same things in a service, and not everyone is going to be attracted by the same sales pitch. Everyone sub-consciously responds to any message from the way that they are wired or their personality.

Everyone sub-consciously responds to any message from the way that they are wired, or their personality.

So why is it that we have a “one-size-fits-all” strategy for our sales processes? The people who see the best sales results

don’t assume that the same thing works for every type of person and you shouldn’t either! The good news is that you don’t have to! There is a great way to figure out what the individual in front of you needs from you to make their decision: Everything DiSC®.

Everything DiSC is a personality and communication assessment that measures what types of communication work for different people. Everything DiSC has many different applications, but one of the most powerful is in the sales arena.

The Everything DiSC Sales Circle

The Everything DiSC Sales Circle (pictured below) is a framework you can use to understand how people think and function in buying situations. In essence, this is a tool to understand what things different people value, and the values are the eight words immediately outside the circle.DiSC

To use this tool, you must understand where someone falls in the continuum. Short of having them take the assessment, you can use the following steps to gain a better understanding of where they are:

  1. Decide if someone is Fast-Paced and Outspoken or Cautious and Reflective.
  2. Decide if someone is Accepting and Warm or Questioning and Skeptical.
  3. Place that person on the circle in the corresponding quadrant.
  4. Tailor your messaging to the qualities on the outside of the circle.

D Types

  • Fast-paced & Outspoken
  • Questioning & Skeptical

i Types

  • Fast-paced & Outspoken
  • Accepting & Warm

S Types

  • Accepting & Warm
  • Cautious & Reflective

C Types

  • Questioning & Skeptical
  • Cautious & Reflective

For example, if you have someone walk into your facility and they are Fast-Paced and Outspoken and Questioning and Skeptical, they are most likely in the D quadrant.

That person is going to respond best if you give them a clear understanding of the results they can expect, build rapport as a competent fitness pro, and allow them to take quick action.

While that example is literally out of the book, there are many nuanced ways that you can apply these strategies, all of which are going to increase the effectiveness and flexibility of your sales process.

Nathan Miller Nathan Miller

Nathan started in the fitness industry as an intern at Force Fitness and Performance and worked all the way up to working for Ryan Ketchum and Wil Fleming as a full time coach, marketing team member, and managing Force’s social media presence. His areas of expertise are lead generation, general marketing, systems creation, and DiSC personality assessment. Nathan and his wife, Maria, live in Milwaukee.

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