How to Create a Buying Atmosphere (and close more sales)

The Underrated Power of a Buying Atmosphere

When I decided I wanted to pursue a career in marketing, I had no clue how much time I would spend in spreadsheets. Fortunately, my mom is a guru in Excel and taught me everything she knows including stuff like conditional formatting and data validation. 😉

But my need to understand how to use spreadsheets was a byproduct of my passion for marketing.

Similarly, most fitness professionals have the same relationship with sales. It is rare that a personal trainer decides to open their own fitness business because they are super passionate about selling.

However, all fitness business owners (or anyone working as an independent contractor) know that sales are a crucial part of owning a fitness business. In fact, they can make or break a fitness business’ success.

Sales are a crucial part of owning a fitness business.

So, just like I found myself watching tutorial videos on spreadsheets, a lot of fitness professionals find themselves searching for information to help them get better at sales. (If that’s you, here are a few fitness sales articles to help you get started.)

But if you are going to do any amount of sales in your job, then it is absolutely critical that you know how to create a buying atmosphere.

What is a buying atmosphere?

Quite simply, a buying atmosphere is a comfortable environment in which the prospect feels comfortable enough to buy. (But by “environment” we are talking more of a psychological sense than a physical sense.)

Creating a buying atmosphere is really giving someone the freedom and ability to say no to whatever product or service you are offering. Ironically, by giving a prospect the ability to openly say no, you free them up to say yes.

This isn’t some sort of reverse psychology or sales voodoo. And even if you build a perfect buying atmosphere, people will still say no. (And this is a good thing, because not everyone is going to be a great fit for your business.)

However, creating a buying atmosphere relieves the high-pressure, sleezy sales approach to sales that results in signing up the wrong types of clients.

Creating a buying atmosphere relieves the high-pressure, sleezy sales approach to sales.

Why a Buying Atmosphere is Crucial

I spent three summers doing full-time direct sales. One of the key phrases we used internally to keep ourselves in check was, “people don’t want to be sold, but they love to buy”.

The first part is obvious. No one wants to feel like they were bamboozled into something that isn’t a good fit for them. That could be a part of Ethics 101. But the part that a lot of people forget is that a lot of people love to buy! That is why there is such a thing as retail therapy, much to my husband’s chagrin. 😉

Another way to think about it is, “needy is creepy”. When you come across as desperate for someone to sign up, it can creep your prospects out (and hence prevent them from signing up!).

On the contrary, when you create a comfortable buying atmosphere for your prospects, you allow more of the right people to sign up!

How to Create a Buying Atmosphere

Your buying atmosphere should be a part of your overall sales script. When I did direct sales, here is what my buying atmosphere sounded like:

Mrs. Jones, I tell you what. I’m going to show you what I have here today. And if you think this is something that is going to help you out or (insert intrinsic benefit here), then I’ll definitely sign you up. But if for any reason at the end of our conversation you don’t think this is a good fit for you, I want you to tell me “no.” Does that work for you? (wait for a response).

Because Mrs. Jones, I promise you, no matter what you decide I will for sure eat dinner tonight and have a roof over my head. This is more about finding out if this is going to be a good fit for you. Does that work for you? (wait for a response). Ok, great, well let’s take a look here. (Begin the demo).

That’s it. Again it is not some secret spell you put on people to convince them to buy. You just alleviate the pressure from the situation by giving them the freedom to say no. And I recommend using some comedic relief to alleviate the pressure even more. It is a win-win because when people laugh they tend to relax. 😉

But here is the kicker with buying atmospheres: You have to actually believe what you are saying!

I’ve seen many salespeople deliver a perfectly crafted buying atmosphere, but then continue to be high pressure throughout the sales process. Ick! Words are only a portion of the buying atmosphere, so you have to really get to a place where you truly only want someone to buy if it is the right fit for both you and them.

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