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(Even if You Hate Selling!)

No More High-Pressure, Unethical Sales Tactics or Sneaky Sales Tricks!

FROM: Fitness Revolution

DATE: January 16, 2022

I still remember my very first sale as a trainer. It was back in 2006, and I had one client that I got as a referral from a connection I had in the community. I was just starting my own training business and had literally ZERO DOLLARS in my bank account.

I bought groceries on my credit card, and I was barely scraping by to pay my rent, living in an extra room of a friend’s house. So, you could say there was a little pressure to close this deal.

I was nervous, still selling 10 and 20 packs of 1-1 training and had zero idea of how to position myself as the go-to training expert. For some reason or another I asked lots of questions, learned about the history of the client and then pulled out the infamous price sheet...

...imagine my surprise when the client pulled out a checkbook and wrote me a check for a 20 session package on the spot. I would love to have seen my face!

My name is Ryan Ketchum. I’ve come a long way since that day in 2006 when I was selling personal training hoping that the next person I sat down with would pay me so I could afford to buy groceries without using a credit card.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I refined my selling process to close nearly 80% of all clients that met with me and ran a $100,000 training business out of a power-lifting gym doing semi-private training. I had built up a clientele of over 50 people and raised my prices continuously.

Being good at getting results was what allowed me to charge that rate and be confident in being an expert in my niche. But having a great sales process is what helped add money to my bank account.

Eventually, I used that same sales process to build a boot camp and training facility to over 400 clients, sell over $60,000 of new contracts in a single month and train a team to sell our training so that I could have more free time.

This process was built around 4 simple steps and my innovative Surefire Closing System. When you put these two simple systems to work for you it makes selling easy, takes the fear out of asking for money and gives you the confidence to charge what you’re worth.

This process is easy to follow, and if you ask a couple of good questions and listen to your prospective clients when they are talking, you’ll be able to make selling easy.

It's important to understand that selling training is less about what certifications you have (or the cool equipment you use), but rather getting the individual to see that you will absolutely help them reach their goals faster.

If you have a problem with sales, there’s a good chance that it’s because of your own outlook on selling and how you should do it.

You Don’t Have to Be High-Pressure to Be Great at Sales

The FR Sales Process and Surefire Closing System was created out of necessity...

It was a way to make selling easy for me and my team. And it worked!

I was able to build a $700,000/year training business where I only worked a few hours a week in the business!

Your livelihood depends on being able to successfully sell your services. It’s time that trainers and coaches got over the idea that selling is bad or that they can’t be good salespeople.

That attitude will keep you broke & without clients.

With a simple plan and script that’s been proven to work not only in my previous businesses but also for hundreds of other trainers, coaches and boot camp owners, you can be great at selling too!

Selling really comes down to a few key things:

  • You need to be confident that what you’re selling is valuable to the client and that you can deliver results.
  • You need to focus on exchanging value vs taking money.
  • You need to follow a system so that you don’t have to rely on talent or skill.

Now I Want You to Have the Exact Process to Make Selling Easy

The FR Sales Process and Surefire Closing System will give you the formula for transitioning from your consultation or success session to getting the client to commit to training with you (and pull out their checkbook or credit card) using the skills that make you a great trainer.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this training course:

  • The mental roadblocks that are holding you back from being great at sales and how to overcome them with a few simple mindset shifts.
  • A simple 4-step process to build value in what you do and get to the root of why someone is looking for your help.
  • How to avoid the mistake most trainers make of trying to sell their experience and certifications instead of the results clients want.
  • The 5 parts of any great sales pitch that make your offer irresistible for your prospect and position you as the expert.
  • A simple way to avoid objections and never hear “I need to think about it” or “let me check with...” again.
  • The trick that will make sure you NEVER have to discount your training to close another deal and that will have people begging you to start right away.
  • The ONE SENTENCE that you need to use to get someone to buy from you and that allows you to be confident in your offer.

And a ton more!

The FR Sales Process & the Surefire Closing System

Get your hands on the sales process that is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal training sales for just $79! Here’s what you’ll get when you decide to invest in your development as a salesperson:

The FR Sales Process Course

Module 1:  The 4-Step FR Sales Process

  • Learn how to identify and overcome the mental obstacles and roadblocks that are keeping you from becoming a great salesperson.
  • Understand what’s going on inside the head of your potential new client and the psychology of ethical sales.
  • Learn how to build a relationship with your potential new client so that you can get them to open up to you and trust you in the first 5 minutes of meeting them.
  • Discover the questions you need to ask and a simple rule of 5’s that will help you understand exactly what the client wants from you.
  • Build value quickly and easily without having to guess what to say to your client and the simple steps to showing that you’re the best solution for them.
  • Discover the exact questions you need to ask if you want your client to honestly tell you what they are looking for and what lead them to selling.
  • Learn how to close the deal without having to be nervous or afraid to ask someone to sign up.

Module 2: The Surefire Closing System

  • Discover why most trainers fail at closing a client and cost themselves clients and money by getting nervous and blowing the sale.
  • Learn a simple trick to help you get more comfortable asking for the sale and how to get the client to yes quicker.
  • Get the exact order that you need to present your programs, add value, create urgency and make buying from you NOW a no brainer for your potential new client so you can avoid objections.
  • Discover how to offer a guarantee that will make closing the sale easy.
  • Learn how one simple change to your offer can help you sell higher priced programs and stop discounting your training forever!

Plus These Great Bonuses…

The Sales Process Cheat Sheet (A $49 Value)

This cheat sheet will help you:

  • Build rapport faster with example ice breaker questions and tips for connecting with people through simple mannerisms.
  • How to get an agreement from the client and set the expectation that you want them to sign up for training without scaring them away.
  • Sample questions that you can use to find out what your client really wants and how to really dig into what’s keeping them from getting results.
  • Simple tips for overcoming common objections like price and time without having to feel like you’re being needy.

The Surefire Closing System Script PDF (A $29 Value)

Get all the details of a high-converting sales script including the 4 parts of a successful sales process and the 5-part closing system that will give you the skills to double your closing rates.

This guide to selling with help you understand why this system works and how to put it to use right away to improve your selling.

The Surefire Closing System Audio Downloads (A $29 Value)

Get our digital downloads that allow you to hear how the sales script should be delivered and exactly how to piece together all the parts so that it flows smoothly.

It’s one thing to read it or see it, but hearing a sales pitch delivered will help you hone your skills and perfect your sales script.

These Resources Could Double Your Closing Rates!

In fact, here’s some of the success stories that we’ve gotten after a few trainers have put this system to use:

A 620% Increase in Sales in the First Month!

Like many fitness professionals, I looked at selling as tricking people into buying things they didn’t want and that the only trainers who focused on it were the ones who cared more about money than about helping people.

This approach completely changed my mindset regarding selling. I now see selling our fitness programs as a must if I want to help more people reach their goals. Ultimately, my goal is to help as many people as I can look, move and feel great. Without making a sale and getting their commitment I am probably sending them to trainers with less experience, or worse to have them figure it out for themselves.

With my previous mindset and approach to sales, the most I’d ever sold in a month (that I even bothered to track) was $6,000. In my first month using this system I sold over $31,000! I’ll never go back!

Adam Farrell, Pinnacle Performance & Fitness

Over $30,000 in Sales in the First 22 Days!

In the past I’d relied on Deal of the Day offers to generate any growth for my business, but after learning this selling script my business has completely transformed.

Prior to using this script I’d averaged about $10,600 per month for the year. During my first 22 days I sold over $30,000 in training and through what has traditionally been the slowest month of the year for us, December, I’ve continued to average over $1,375 per day in sales.

This has truly been a Game Changer for our business!

Walt Fleitz, Owner, Body Evolution

Can You Reach Your Goals If You Don’t Change Your Sales System?

Most trainers are more than willing to invest in delivering a great service, and I commend you for that! It’s definitely critical that you are one of the very best trainers so that you can sell with a clear conscience.

However, if your sales process isn’t getting more clients in the door and you’re not making the money you need to keep doing what you love—it’s all for nothing.

It’s why many great trainers are forced to leave the industry too early. It’s why the average salary of a trainer is just $34,000/year!

So I’ve got ask...

If you keep selling the way you are now will you ever reach your financial goals? Will you ever reach the number of clients you want to help?

And you could keep working to refine your system, spend countless hours reading up on the sales process and honing your script.

There’s no reason to do that though. You can use a proven process right now for just $79!

100% Risk Free Guarantee


I’m so confident that this process will help you sell more training than ever before that I’m offering up a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply email us and we’ll refund you immediately.

It’s that simple! No questions asked...

In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to get 10x of your investment back in a matter of weeks if you simply put this to use. If you don’t, we’ll refund your money!


I want every great trainer on earth to have this resource.

In fact, if you’re not a great trainer and don’t deliver results PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS! It wouldn’t be ethical for you to benefit financially from it. And you’ll be stealing clients from great trainers.

However, most trainers are really good at what they do and are always trying to get better so I’m betting that you’re the same. So make sure to get your FR Sales Process & Surefire Closing System today for the regular price of $79. I mean, if this process gets you just 1 new client it could easily be worth $2,000.

What would you pay to have a process that can help you become a better salesperson without lowering your standards?

If that process only got you 3-4 new clients a month you could pay $1,000 for it and still come out a lot! Or you could spend thousands on books, trainings and hours trying to create your own process.

On the other hand, if you’re like me you want to take the fast track to success and there’s no reason to recreate the wheel. So act now because I want you to have this powerful sales process to help more people get amazing results.

And I want you to finally be rewarded by making more money without having to work harder.

Just $79 Today


Make today your best,

Fitness Revolution

P.S. It’s possible to become a great salesperson without relying on sleazy sales tactics! I’ve done it myself and taught hundreds of other trainers to do it as well.

Now you can have access to my proven sales process and closing system that will help you sell more training without having to discount your prices.

However, we’re only offering this to top level trainers that deliver great results for their clients! If that sounds like you, make sure you get the FR Sales Process & Surefire Closing System today for just $79.

Improve Your Sales With This System

Just $79 Today


Download our FREE Fitness Sales Script

FR-Sale-Process-Course-LM-Graphic-V1Knowing what you are going to say is half of the battle when it comes to fitness sales.

Download our completely FREE fitness sales script (PDF and MP4) to confidently close more new clients, without having to resort to slimy sales tactics.

Use this script to learn the secret trick to avoid the objections of “needing to think it over” or “I need to check with my spouse” for good!