Get More Clients With Testimonials

Use Testimonials to Get More Clients

Notice that marketing is getting tougher for you?

Challenges aren’t filling up as fast, leads are harder to come by, and clients aren’t flowing into your business like before.

But, it’s not like that for everyone. There are fitness business owners out there thriving! They are filling up challenges and growing their business like crazy.

Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can use in your business. If you’re not actively acquiring success stories, case studies or testimonials on a weekly basis you’re missing out.

When you collect great testimonials from clients you can share them on your social media, create marketing materials like e-books or posters, put them in your email newsletters, and even use them in your consultation areas to increase conversions.

Why are testimonials so powerful?

The biggest reason that testimonials motivate prospects to buy is confidence.

Your audience is skeptical and cautious. They’ve heard the outrageous claims before, and there is a good chance they’ve tried and failed to get the result you’re promising them.

When you can share a story, or several, of people that your prospect can relate to and allow your client to share their success story it eases the concerns of your prospect. They begin to feel confident that you are the best solution for them and can actually help them get the results they desperately want.

Instead of preaching about your own successes and your credentials, back it all up by proving how good you are with the results you get clients.

How to Get Clients with Testimonials

There are dozens of ways you can use testimonials to quickly get new clients. The first step is making sure that you have some really great success stories. If you’re not getting 1 new success story a week that’s where you start.

Then, start sharing them in the following ways:

  • Email the story or link to the story to your email list with a call to action for your Front End Offer at the end.
  • Put them on your next challenge page.
  • Have your clients share their story via social media and tag you and your business.
  • Share a success story every week on your social media accounts with a call to action for your Front End Offer.
  • Mail the success story to your hot prospects or old clients with an invite to come back.
  • Have your joint ventures email out the success story (works great if it’s a shared customer/client) and a call to action.

A great success story will do wonders to convert your leads and prospects to clients quickly. In fact, one of our coaching clients recently sold out his upcoming challenge, filling up all 36 spots, without ever promoting because his clients were sharing their success stories online!

Create Killer Client Testimonials

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