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If you're frustrated with a lack of leads, slow growth and ready for a change this workshop will show you exactly how to grow your business!

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  • Develop A Marketing Strategy That Attracts High Quality Leads For Your Business
  • Build A Marketing Plan Designed To Grow Your Business And Increase Revenues
  • Discover The Sales System That Will Allow You To Convert More Leads To Clients

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Are you confident in your ability to attract leads and convert clients?

Do you know exactly how you’re going to grow your business, add more clients and make more money?

If you’re like most fitness business owners and personal trainers the answer is NO!

The struggle is real. Competition is increasing every day with new, boutique type franchises popping up in every community and new training studios being opened up every day. How in the world will you stand out from the crowd and build your business?

Let’s face it, you’re probably the best fitness professional in your community. If you’re reading this you obviously care about helping others and are looking for a solution to grow your business.

The BIG QUESTION is how can you do that without crossing the line ethically and in the limited amount of time that you have to spend working on your business?

Your secret weapon, the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for won’t show up in in your Facebook feed as some quick fix solution promising to bring you 100’s of new clients with their fancy funnel.

What is the SECRET WEAPON?  You need a great strategy and plan that's built specifically for you and your business. 

You need a plan that you can implement immediately and see the results you want!

What if you could get access to a system for building a marketing plan and turning the new leads you’ll get into clients that gave you complete control of your business growth?

Your Formula For Business Growth…

Marketing and sales can be very complex, BUT THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE!  Especially to build momentum in your fitness business and get you on track to hit revenue and sales PRs.

There’s a formula, a framework if you will, for attracting high quality leads on demand and converting those leads into clients like clockwork.  You just have to put the right pieces in place to make it work.  

And that's exactly what were going to do together in this workshop...

Business Growth Workshop Agenda

Friday, July 20th

9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern

Module 1: Developing Your Marketing Strategy

Put the foundational pieces together and optimize your strategy for business growth by assessing your Core Offer, Ideal Client and Local Market Positioning.  These elements of your marketing strategy can either make or break your growth.

Module 2: Build Your Marketing Plan

Together we will develop your Core Marketing Funnel and build out your Triple A Marketing Plan.  This allows you to have a clear path for leads to become clients and defined actions that will bring in a flood of new leads to your business.

Module 3: Your Marketing Calendar

Create your 12 month marketing calendar complete with challenges, contests, workshops and other promotion events that are designed to give your business a boost at key times through the year.

Module 4: Facebook Ads, Email Marketing & Funnels

Discover the secrets to making the most of this misunderstood marketing tactic!  Together we will build out your intial sales funnel and put together an email marketing plan that will allow you to promote your offers to a captive list of qualified leads.

Module 5:  The FR Sales System 

Identify and define the critical steps in your sales pipeline so that you can remove bottlenecks in your sales process and optimize the covnersion of your leads.  Learn how to set up your consultations to create an optimal buying environment for your prospects.  This 4 step process will help you maximize sales success and make closing deals easy

Just $147 Today 

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100% Money Back Guarantee

There’s a good chance this isn’t your first attempt at improving your marketing and sales in hopes of increasing your revenues or profits. So, you might be a little skeptical that this will work for you.

That’s why we are providing you with a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If at any point in time you don’t feel like you are getting your money’s worth from the workshop or you feel that you won’t be able to transform your business with the systems you learn let us know and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

It’s that simple. If we can’t help you grow your business you don’t have to pay.

Does This Work? 

William Savoy

With the help of Fitness Revolution I went from making $2,000/mo in my business to over $31,000/mo. They gave me a set plan and the resources to make that happen.

William Savoy Savoy Fitness
Jon Rimmer

I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships…Being able to get a strategy for my facility is priceless.

Jon Rimmer The Training Rim
Pearla Phillips

With the help of Fitness Revolution, I was able to triple my client base from 34 to 125 clients!

Pearla Phillips Fit Body Transformations
Scott Skinner

Fitness Revolution gave me one idea that helped me add $60,000 to my business in just over 6 weeks. I’ve also grown by 19% and am on my way to opening my second facility.

Scott Skinner SkinSports Fitness
Anthony Dix & Cody Sipes

With the strategies and techinques learned from Fitness Revolution we were able to go from 30 clients to over 130 clients…

Anthony Dix & Cody Sipes Fitness Lying Down
Charmayne Lewis & Greg Almon

We were able to add 35 new clients to our business!

Charmayne Lewis & Greg Almon Jungle Athletics Youth Sports Performance

Just $147 Today 

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There are only 6 seats remaining for this Business Growth Workshop! Don't miss your chance to build out a plan for your best year ever...

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Workshop & Travel Information

Q. When is the workshop? 

A. The Business Growth Workshop will be held on Friday July 20th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Q. Where is the workshop? 

A. The workshop is hosted at Fitness Revolution Headquarters

3388 Founders Road

Suite #300

Indianapolis, IN 46268.

Google Maps

Q.  What airport should I fly into? 

A.  If you are flying into the workshop Indianapoilis International Airport (IND) is the closest airport.

Upon arrival you will be able to get a taxi, Uber or Lyft from the airport to your hotel.

Q. What hotel should I stay at? 

A.  Once registered you will be provided instructions for booking your hotel room and any discounts on reservations with our preferred hotels.

We recommend staying at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Indianapolis North, which is within walking distance or a short ride to Fitness Revolution Headquarters.

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