How To Get More Referrals

Referrals are the highest quality lead you can get for your business.  They are prequalified and presold on what you do by the person that referred them.   That means they are a lock for becoming a client.

Most fitness business owners leave referrals to chance and don’t follow a system that ensures they are actively seeing out referrals.

That’s why I created the Reciprocal Referral System.  After hearing how difficult it was to get referrals from our coaching clients and seeing that the old ways of getting referrals weren’t working as well anymore they needed a solution.

Reciprocity is a powerful tool that you can use to grow your business.  By giving back to your clients first they will be more inclined to provide you referrals when you ask.


The first thing you want to do for your Reciprocal Referral System is to map out a client experience once they start. I’ve shared an entire 180-day client experience plan with you before. But, if you’re wanting something new simply map out the first 14 days.

A client’s experience should include more than just the personal training sessions or group training workouts they are attending.

And it can’t be just email communication!

Here’s a quick look at what a 14-day plan looks like:

Day 0 – Immediately after the client signs up give them a Jump Start Package (hopefully a bonus you’ve used as a part of your sales process if you’re following my Sure Fire Sales System) that includes a few tools to help them get results faster and easier and a hand written note welcoming them to the program.

Day 1: Mail a thank you card to the client for signing up. The more personal you can make this the better. If you take good notes during your sales consult or Success Session you’ll be able to cue in your admin or team member responsible for writing the note on what that could be, this way you don’t have to be the one writing every note.

Day 3: Call the new client to check in, this is usually after the first session. Make sure they don’t have any questions and provide them with some useful tips. Day 7: Send another card out for the client but this one will be asking for a referral. The key to making this successful is making it easy to refer.

I recommend sending a small card inside of the handwritten card that allows the client to refer someone to you.

Day 10: Send the client a small gift. It could be a video series you record of at home exercises, a travel guide to help them stay fit on the road or even a motivational book to help them succeed.

Personally, if I had the budget for it the book or another memorable gift mailed to the client would be my gift of choice.

Day 14: A personal phone call from you as the owner. This is your last touch point in the first 14 days so it needs to come from you.

Do your research on the client by checking in with their trainer if you aren’t the one working with them or reviewing their profile from the Success Session.

The key to making this touch point make a big impact is knowing something personal about the client that you can bring up that shows that you care.

The Magic of Reciprocity

Not only will these touch points and actions create an amazing experience for your client but it will encourage the act of reciprocity.

Studies have shown that people feel obligated to give back if they receive a gift or kind actions. By strategically placing the referral request in between these touch points that clearly reinforce why the client chose to work with your business in the first place, it will encourage the client to feel a need to return the favor.

That favor should come in the form of a referral.

Recycle the System

Every 90 days you can recycle this system by sending out your clients an unexpected gift and following that up a few days later with another handwritten card and referral request.

If you have a 100+ clients that seems unreasonable right?

Not true if you work smart! Simply break up your clients into 3 groups alphabetically by name and tackle one group each month.

That ensures 4 touch points every year.

Add in a cool gift or touch point for birthdays and maybe even anniversaries and you’ve got 6 chances to use this system to get more referrals for your business.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

This system will cost you a bit of money. But, isn’t it worth a few bucks to invest in getting more great clients for your business. If just 1 out of every 4 new clients actually sent you a referral and then if only 1 out of 4 referrals actually signed up for training, you’d still come out ahead.

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