How to Make Good Marketing a Habit

Making Good Marketing a Habit

Can you use a habit-based approach to grow your business?

Kinda like a Precision Nutrition for business owners…

Absolutely! My guess is that you’d find more success in 30-90 days following this type of focused approach than taking a shot gun approach—or the “spray and pray” approach to marketing many trainers use.

Let’s Start with Your Habits…

Are you currently doing anything routinely in your business that’s producing leads at the rate you want? If so, keep doing it and find a way to make sure you do it every day!

If you’re not getting the leads and clients that you need to grow your business what can you do? First, start with your strengths.

  • What is the easiest thing you can do to get leads for your business?
  • What could you start in the next 15 minutes if I told you that your business was going to close unless you got one new lead right now?

That’s a little extreme but you want to make your new marketing habits easy. If it requires a lot of learning or work to complete, you probably won’t do it. But, it also needs to produce results!

What I Would Do

  • Connect with 3 new joint ventures every week to set up a workshop or list building promotion.
  • Ask 5 clients for referrals with a personal email or phone call.
  • Run a FB Ad or boost a post to an opt-in page with an ethical bribe such as a free workout plan or nutrition checklist.
  • Send out a reactivation campaign to clients that haven’t been with us or in a training session in the last 30-90 days.
  • Schedule 1 workshop to run 3 weeks from today as a lead generator and start promoting to my list, joint ventures and network.
  • Send a story idea to 5 media outlets and or individuals in my community for an article on getting in shape for the summer/spring.
  • Collect 5 testimonials or case studies of my top clients, create a blog post about them and send out to social media and my list (the end of the post would have an offer to join my FEO).
  • Handwrite 5 letters a week to old clients with an offer to come back.

Again, that’s a brain dump of where I’d start if I had to get new clients right now.

Your Action Plan

If you’re looking to instill better marketing habits into your routine, here’s your action plan…

  • Schedule 30-60 minutes every day Mon-Fri to focus on your new marketing habits.
  • Pick 2-3 simple habits you can implement right away and do them every day.
  • Track your progress. Did you complete the habits daily? What results are you getting?

That’s it! It’s a simple way to get you focused on marketing and help your business grow.

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