How To Overcome Objections

Overcoming Objections

You don’t have to use sneaky sales tricks or be the overly persistent salesperson to overcome objections. Everyone gets them and no one likes them, but when you hear an objection take it as an opportunity to win the potential new client over.

There’s still a chance for you! If they haven’t left yet or just told you “NO!” then they are waiting on you to convince them that you’re the one to help them.

When it comes down to it there is only one real objection you’ll face and that’s VALUE. Whether it be time, money, or needing approval from someone else, if you didn’t build enough value in your sales process, you’re going to get objections.

Let’s look at the top 3 objections you’ll hear from potential clients…

Top 3 Objections

Objection #1: It’s too expensive/I can’t afford it.

A price objection is always tough to take as a salesperson.

You obviously know the value in what you have to offer and feel that you’re worth more than you are charging. However, at some point during the sales process you didn’t let the client see that by showing them how valuable you will be to them.

It’s critical that you are specific when you are going through your sales process with how you’ll help them accomplish the results they want. You need to make sure they truly believe that you can help them.

There are two ways to handle a price objection:

  1. Circle back to the value and focus on the results you’ll provide.
  2. Offer a lower cost option that you have in your programs.

Typically, unless you’re a skilled salesperson that is comfortable pressing a little, you should go ahead and offer the lower cost option. That could mean fewer days per week or a different program like group training instead of personal training.

If you’re not sure or you get more objections on price, simply ask “What would you be willing to invest to [list goal here]?” That will give you an idea of their commitment level.

Objection #2: I don’t have enough time!

Time is one of the easiest objections to overcome. All it takes is figuring out what their schedule will allow and trying your best to accommodate it.

Doing a great job in the Discovery phase of the sales process where you ask lots of questions will help you determine the number of days that they can and are willing to commit to each week. You’ll also learn about their schedule so you know the times of day that are easiest for them to workout.

If you need to overcome a time objection, ask how much time they could commit to easily each week for working out and then come to an agreement on what you can offer them with that time.

You can also go back to your guarantee (you have one right?) and ask “If I can guarantee your results, would you be willing to create the time for a few months?” That will make the commitment less scary and ease some of the risk involved with starting a process.

Objection #3: I have to ask my [insert decision maker] first…

This is where having a guarantee or risk reversal in your sales process comes in real handy.

It’s common to have someone come in only to tell you after all the work you put in to build value that they need to ask their husband, wife, partner or someone else in their life before making this commitment.

There are two ways to approach this…

    1. Ask if the spouse or decision maker will support them in their goals and wants them to feel better/look better/wants the best for them.
    2. Lean on your guarantee.

If you can frame the decision as what’s best for the individual and ask if the decision maker is supportive of their choice to change, you can get them to see how it won’t be a big deal to sign up that day.

Leaning on a 30-day guarantee gives the person confidence that if for some reason the decision maker says it’s not a good idea, they can cancel at anytime in that first 30 days and get their money back.

It’s much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Therefore, if you can get the person to sign up on the spot, it will be much easier for you to ensure they start as a client than if they leave and have to discuss it with the decision maker.

You just spent a good amount of time building value and getting the person to see the emotional benefits of joining your program. They will never be more excited and ready to start than right now. If they leave, logic will take over and that logic will not be enough to overcome the fears they have about failing.

Most of the time they will create an excuse for not starting and rationalize it with the decision maker.

You’re the Expert

If someone is meeting with you to learn about your programs or go through a sales consult—we call them Success Sessions—it’s your responsibility to help that person.

You’re great at what you do, you’re the best in your area and the most equipped to help this person reach their goals. When you truly believe that, it makes selling a lot easier.

Most people will create excuses and reason themselves out of making a change. Even if it means enhancing their lives. They are coming to you for help because they couldn’t do it on their own or they think you can get them better, faster results.

Make sure they remember that when it’s time to make the commitment to change. Find an alternative solution, create the next best offer and overcome objections so you can help more people.

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