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Checklist - Marketing Calendar

Creating Your Marketing Calendar

Your marketing calendar is a simple list of activities that take place on a planned schedule to allow you to grow your business by filling your marketing pipeline. Each activity that you do for marketing is built around getting more leads in front of you so that you can turn them into clients.

As you build your marketing calendar follow this simple checklist to make sure it’s going to help you grow your business:

Planning Stages

  • Create your Ideal Client Profile so that you know who you are marketing to and what is important to them.
  • Set your quarterly marketing and sales goals so that you can plan your calendar to hit them.
  • Take inventory of your marketing strengths and weaknesses so that you spend time on activities that will produce great results.

Building Your Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar Template

  • Create your calendar in a Google or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Start by planning your next 90 day period.
  • Mark down any holidays.
  • Set 3-5 daily marketing activities (based on strengths).
  • Set 3-5 weekly marketing activities (based on strengths).
  • Set 3-5 monthly marketing activities (based on strengths).
  • Plan your themed marketing (big marketing initiatives for the quarter).

Once you’ve created your marketing calendar it’s time to get to work implementing the plan! Plug in your marketing activities and align your marketing activities with your themed marketing for the quarter.

If you want to get a head start with creating your marketing calendar download our free template and implementation module today.

Marketing Calendar

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