Nick Berry

Nick Berry

Leadership Team

Co-founder, CEO, golf connoisseur 

Nick Berry has spent his entire professional career as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. His experience has given him the opportunity to become a Business Coach and Consultant, and co-owner of multiple other businesses, which have allowed him to help thousands of other small business owners, both in and out of the fitness industry.

Nick co-founded the Fitness Consulting Group, which offers fitness professionals cutting edge products and programs for their fitness business. Nick Berry also helped build and co-owns the International Youth Conditioning Association, which is considered the premier international authority on youth conditioning and athletic development.

Nick Berry is a co-founder and the President of the Athletic Revolution® and Fitness Revolution® license systems. Athletic Revolution is a youth-based sports performance license which began in 2009. Fitness Revolution is an adult fitness license which began in January 2011.

Nick continues to focus on surrounding his primary companies with valuable services and products from reputable and dependable vendors, and to create relationships that are valuable and beneficial for all parties involved – the customers, the vendors, and the primary companies themselves.  This philosophy has been built around the concept of “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and has lead to many of their current interests in these additional businesses from both Nick Berry & Ryan Ketchum.

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