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Ryan Ketchum

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Executive Director, Business Coach, Peanut butter enthusiast

Ryan Ketchum is passionate about helping people change their bodies and change their lives. He has coached hundreds of fitness professionals and trained with thousands of clients. In addition to serving as the Executive Director of FitRev, he is also a recognized thought-leader and speaker in the fitness business. Ryan experimented his fitness & nutrition regime on himself after graduating college and became a finalist in the Precision Nutrition challenge by dropping from 330 to 220 lbs in 18 months.

But his passion for the fitness world started long before college. As a young kid, he spent hours in the gym watching his dad train. He idolized people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Colombu, Magnus Samuleson, and of course, He-Man. Ryan grew up an athlete, and spent his college years throwing shot put at Indiana University. After graduating from IU, he decided he wanted to make a run for the Olympic Trials in shot put. In order to pay for his own training and maintain a flexible schedule, he decided to start training a few clients and teaching them the fitness and nutrition principles that led to his own transformation. Pretty soon his client base was growing steadily and Ryan Ketchum decided to partner with his friend Wil Fleming to open a gym. That’s when Force Fitness was born. Force remains one of the leading training facilities for high-performance athletes.

As a new business owner, Ryan spent lots of time researching how to be a better business owner by learning as much as he could about marketing, sales, and business development. He read books, watched webinars, and spent as much time as he could learning from reputable business owners. Pretty soon, Ryan realized that in addition to fitness, he loved everything on the business side as well. About that time he met Nick Berry and began coaching other fitness business entrepreneurs through the Fitness Consulting Group (FCG). Again, Ryan Ketchum used his real-life experiences and challenges that he faced as a fitness professional and applied the same principles and training that had driven his business to succeed.

As Ryan continued to see the reward of helping other fitness professionals grow their business, he decided to launch his second business, Vertex Performance Systems (VPS), which offered a variety of tools to help Fitness Professionals. VPS always had a close partner relationship with FCG, but in January of 2015, they officially united forces as one brand—Fitness Revolution— to work together to continue to bring change to the fitness industry.

Ryan Ketchum is the author of numerous articles on fitness and nutrition, and travels on speaking engagements throughout the year.


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