How To Use The 4 Sales and Marketing Pillars

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

The Sales and Marketing Pipeline is the process someone goes through when they’re trying to make the decision to invest in your training and become a client. This process has four key stages which translate into the 4 Sales and Marketing Pillars—the foundation of the Fitness Revolution Client Management Model.

When utilized properly, they serve to inform the business owner and the management team of the state of the business and guide them to the appropriate solutions and actions.

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The 4 Pillars

Leads – It all starts when you aquire a lead.   Leads are the people you have contact information for so that you can follow up to determine their level of interest in your program.

The major components of this pillar are marketing/sales and operations, although your training team (assuming you have other coaches) should at least be aware of what is going on throughout the business.

Front End Offer (FEO) – The second step is getting your leads to try out your Front End Offer.  The FEO is a low barrier to entry offer that you use to provide leads that are one the fence about joining your program a test drive of your services.

Your one and only goal for front end clients is to provide an incredible experience so they convert into a Core Offer Client.

Core Offer (CO) – These are clients in your primary program, the one that is the economic driver for your business.

Regardless of which program(s) you offer as your core offering, your objective for all members remains the same: keep them coming back for more.

Retention – Client retention will tell you if you’re bringing in the right people and creating a great experience.

The best analogy for retention is a bucket with a hole at the bottom. You may be pouring lots of leads into the bucket, but if there is a hole or gap in your service delivery, you will lose clients and need to address the issue, which could even be in your marketing.

Being able to measure and track your 4 Sales and Marketing Pillars in your business will provide you with valuable insight into your future growth and help you manage your marketing and sales activities so that you hit your goals.

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