10 Great Marketing Resources For Fitness Business Owners

Marketing Resources

Great Marketing Resources

Some people find marketing exhilarating. That’s probably not you though 🙂

As a personal trainer or fitness pro you didn’t enter this industry to market. You want to help people. You’ve got a passion for fitness, working out and eating well.

If you want to help lots of people you have to get their attention first. This is why marketing absolutely has to be in every personal trainer’s tool kit. You don’t have to be great, but a good understanding of how to execute marketing could be the difference for you making this a long, lucrative career or not.

Here’s a list of my top 10 marketing resources for personal trainers, fitness pros and fitness business owners. They’re in no particular order, but I did try to bunch them by category.

Marketing Resources


The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes is one of the best marketing and sales books that I’ve read in the past several years.  

He takes a unique approach of blending business strategy into your own marketing and sales plan. It’s a quick read that will give you dozens of ideas on growing your fitness business and marketing tips that will get you more clients. It’s centered around having a well-defined marketing message for your business.

Ogilvy On Advertising is a collection of a few key pieces of work from one of the best direct response copywriters to ever live. It’s old school, but the principles and ideas that you’ll get from this book make it easy to see great marketing in action.

It’s easy to follow and full of great images to help you really bring it all together. I reference this book nearly every week for ideas and wish I’d had it years ago.

Viralnomics by Jon Goodman is a great marketing read that takes a slightly less direct approach to marketing than the other books I mentioned.  

I think it’s important to find a balance of the two approaches, especially on social media which is why this cracked the top 10. Jon understands how to influence people and create conversations around a brand or business.


I Love Marketing is my go-to resource when it comes to podcasts on the topic. Joe Polish and Dean Jackson give you practical tips to grow your business, spread your messages and attract great clients.

Marketing Resources

There’s a ton of free info with some of the best marketers, coaches and business minds in the world available on this podcast. Check out the site for videos and some downloads.

Plus, you’ll get a lot of laughs listening to Joe and Dean.


Design Pickle, yep you read that right, is a great resource to get graphics and simple pdfs created for your business. If you’re like me and your graphic design skills are horrendous this could be a great asset for you.

You can use Design Pickle to create unlimited graphics for things like blog posts, banner ads, Facebook ads and more. You may be better off getting “one-off” images created. But if you’re stepping up your content marketing game this is an awesome tool.

Upwork allows you to hire freelancers to do just about anything you want for you and your business. Web design, FB advertising, graphics, editing and content creation.

We use Upwork to get our websites built, blog posts edited and posted, social media content shared, and several more marketing-related activities. It’s great for finding skilled pros that you don’t have to drop serious coin to hire.

Lead Engine Marketing Agency will help you outsource your Facebook marketing. CJ Easter is a crazy smart marketer who understands how to craft your Facebook ads to get you more opportunities to add clients to your business.

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HubSpot produces a ton of free content and has a crazy number of free templates you can download to ramp up your email marketing game.

From marketing to sales, Hubspot does a lot right. You can even take some of their free marketing courses to help you expand your knowledge and improve your marketing skills. You can check out HubSpot Academy for their course listings.

Sol Orwell, most commonly known in fitness for creating Examine.com and #cookielife, shares a lot of great content on his personal blog on entrepreneurship. Check out SJO.com for great tips on networking, email marketing and more.


Marketing ResourcesI might be biased here, but I truly feel that we’ve got the most comprehensive marketing course for personal trainers, fitness pros and fitness business owners to grow their fitness business.

This is an in-depth, top to bottom, look at marketing your fitness business. It’s not a bunch of marketing ideas that you have to choose from and hope they work.

In Fitness Marketing Mastery you’ll learn how to build a great marketing plan. You will understand why you are doing things, what’s important and what’s not and how to optimize once you get started.

You can access it inside The Academy.

Put ‘Em To Use

Instead of providing you with a bunch of done for you resources that you can plug and play in your marketing, I wanted to share 10 that would truly ramp up your marketing skills. Marketing gives you a lot of control in your business. Control over revenue, new clients, and sharing your message.

Great marketing can help you change your client’s habits, encourage them to follow your advice, and become raving fans. It’s a powerful skill that these 10 resources will help you develop and put to use in your business.

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