10 Powerful Questions That Will Upgrade Your Marketing

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Upgrading Your Marketing to Get More Clients

As a fitness pro who’s worked with a lot of clients you know the power of a good before and after picture.

If you’re not sold on it yet, just watch one of the hundreds of late night/early morning infomercials selling the latest piece of gimmicky workout equipment, weight loss pill or workout program.

They all use before and after pictures and testimonials brilliantly. Those companies spend millions on their marketing and know exactly what works to sell their product.

Follow their lead if you want to get more clients into your business!

Getting Quality Before and Afters

The real impact of a before and after is in the story. It’s why we have our coaching clients using our Killer Testimonial Cheat Sheet with all their clients.

You’ll ask the right questions to get answers that will literally sell your programs for you. A decent picture with a brilliant story will attract more clients than an amazing picture with no story.

10 Powerful Questions to Ask for More Effective Marketing

Getting to know the struggles, challenges and desires of your Ideal Client is important for your marketing. It allows you to understand what they need to hear in order to buy from you.

You want to know why things are important to your prospects and how they feel about where they are now. It’s equally important to understand how they want to see themselves, how they want to feel and what benefits that gives them.

When you can clearly paint a before and after picture of your Ideal Client using these feelings, emotions and visual images you’ll have a powerful marketing message.

Here are the 10 questions you can ask when creating your marketing materials, marketing content and even your sales process as you are interviewing your prospects …

Before and After - Upgrade Marketing

By painting a detailed before and after picture for your prospects and target market you will connect with them. You will earn their trust because they know you understand their challenges and their aspirations.

You already care about your clients and helping them get better results. Why not take it to another level and use that same empathy and passion for getting them results in your marketing?

When you do, I think you’ll be surprised at how much better your marketing gets …

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