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3 Business Challenges To Help You Break Through Growth Plateaus

You can accomplish a lot in 90 days with the right focus and plan. Here are 3 challenges you can take to grow your fitness business quickly.

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

Challenges to Break Through Growth Plateaus

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

You probably run some type of transformation or fitness challenge in your business to bring in new clients and motivate your current ones. So, why not take the same approach with growing your business?

Would a short, committed period of intense focus on your business growth provide you with the results you’re looking for?

Darn right it would!

Here are 3 business challenges you could start right away to break through a plateau or make a big push towards your goals.

Marketing Mastery Challenge

Give yourself 90 days to master marketing. Not only will it allow you to become better at attracting clients to your business, but you’ll be able to communicate better with your current clients.

Marketing is all about telling a story. It’s the story of your business and your prospects relationship. A great marketer will take the prospect on a journey from their current state to their future state and give them hope that there’s a solution for their biggest challenges.

When you master your marketing you’ll understand your client’s needs, desires and challenges better which will allow you to serve them more effectively.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Update or create your marketing strategy.
  2. Create a 90-day marketing plan (calendar).
  3. Implement it every day for 90 days straight.

If you want a cheat sheet to complete this challenge you can complete the Fitness Marketing Mastery curriculum in The Academy. In less than 30 days you’ll have a well crafted marketing plan and be well on your way to getting more clients.

Email Marketing Challenge

If you currently do not have an email list or aren’t sending your current list an email at least once per week you’re leaving money on the table.

An email list allows you to communicate with a targeted audience of quality prospects frequently. You can provide them with a ton of valuable content in exchange for making them offers a few times a month to join your programs.

No list yet? Get started by following the steps here: How To Build Your Email List.

Now, here’s your challenge…

  1. Email your list at least 2x per week for the next 90 days.

That’s it. I want you to get in the habit of emailing your list consistently and frequently. At the end of each and every email you send make sure you have a call to action to sign up for your Front End Offer.

Need some tips on what to send?

  • Motivational tips/quotes
  • Coaching videos for exercises
  • Nutrition tips
  • Recipes
  • Client success stories
  • Your own personal journey
  • Lists (Top 10 Exercises For XYZ, 5 Tricks To Help You ABC)

Think about the questions you get every day in your sessions or from new leads coming in the door. If you can answer those questions in your emails or blog posts you’ll have great content.

If you want a crash course in using email to grow your business you can get our Email Marketing Systems as a bonus when you sign up for The Academy.

Joint Venture Challenge

There’s a lot of benefits to finding joint venture partners and strategically building relationships with other businesses in your community.

Not only will you get direct access to your target market, but you’ll gain credibility by being promoted by a business that your target market already knows, likes, and trusts.

For this challenge you’re going to follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to 5 new possible joint venture partners each week.
  2. Set up at least 1 new joint venture promotion each month.
  3. Repeat this for 90 days.

You can get some help with a plan for your reach outs here: How To Build A Powerful Referral Network. It’s critical to remember that a joint venture is a mutually beneficial relationship. Even if you’ve set up successful joint venture relationships in the past, I suggest you go read the article linked above.

Ready? Get Going!

Don’t think too much about how you’ll get all these challenges done. Pick the one that you think will have the biggest impact on your business and that you can implement the quickest and get to work.

Track your leads and new clients over the course of the challenge. That’s what will tell you if it worked or not. You should see a big increase in your marketing activity, which will result in more leads and more new clients.

In just 90 days you could see huge growth and break through your plateaus!

Your Business Growth Resource Center

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