[PART 4] Social Media Mistakes You’re Making

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(Last Updated On: December 23, 2020)

In the last few posts, we’ve tackled some common social media mistakes gym, and business owners, make when marketing on social media. To recap:

Social media is the largest and most often used platform in marketing. And if you’re a business owner, you may already have a business page, and groups, geared to around your content.

However, some business owners make mistakes when marketing on social media. In this series we’ve tackled those problems with the hope you can correct them and continue to grow. The problems we’ve discussed so far include:

Today, you’re going to learn the final two mistakes. They include:

7. Timing Your Posts

When you post your content is just as important as what the content is about. If your clients are working, then posting during the day isn’t your best option. They simply won’t see it.

This is where insights come in handy. Insights can tell you when people are interacting with your page–and when they aren’t.

If you post when your fans are looking, you have a much better chance t your intended audience and attracting new leads.

8. Using Out-Dated Information

Social media is changing at a rapid pace. What worked last month to grow your following, may not work this month.

So if you’re using advice that worked last year, chances are it won’t have the same impact as it once had had.

The Take Home Message

Social media is one of the easiest, and the best platforms to attract new leads, and get more people to engage with your brand. As a result, there’s a very high likelihood your ideal client is on one of these platforms—you just need to leverage it the right way.

Although many business owners try to leverage social media to grow their business, some may not do it the right way. And this could limit your growth, or even how many people engage with your brand.

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