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4 Critical Aspects of Your Fitness Business System

There is a lot of messaging out there about what you need to do to succeed. So what are the critical aspects of your Fitness Business System?

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2019)

When it comes to growing your fitness business, we can guarantee you one thing: You are going to be inundated with messages and fitness business systems that allude to the “silver bullet” to your success. “Do this ONE thing and succeed.” Of course you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if success only required ONE thing, then we would all be on a yacht in the Caribbean applying sunscreen. =) Success is the result of doing the right things, repeatedly, and continually evolving. In our office, we believe that if you’re not changing, you’re slowly dying.

Because we know that you are smarter than to fall for cheap gimmicks and “get rich quick” schemes, we wanted to share with you the elements of a successful fitness business system. These aspects are things that we have implemented internally and have seen measurable success.

What You Have Heard Before About Growing Your Business

Everyone likely has their own definition of business building. Make sure you know what it means to you, and that what you choose as a solution matches your meaning. “Let’s get you more clients!” That was the message that you were bombarded with a few years back. That started to lose it’s appeal after a while, so the message evolved to “let’s grow your business!” You may have noticed that the solutions themselves didn’t evolve as much. They were really still “get more clients!” just with a different label.

That discrepancy eventually was addressed with some “make sure you have a good service” and “get an assistant and an accountant” thrown in with the “get more clients” and then that was a full service “business building” solution, right?

Except it really wasn’t, and still isn’t. Until you know what you’re really looking for, it’s going to continue to be a challenge for you to find your best solution. You can’t afford to accept what someone else’s definition of ‘business building’ means.

Until you know what you’re really looking for, it’s going to continue to be a challenge for you to find your best solution.

4 Critical Aspects to Your Fitness Business System

We’ve been consulting with fitness business and fitness professionals long enough to recognize what is absolutely critical to success. It’s not just ONE thing like many people promise, it’s a combination of several aspects of your business system as a whole that together can help make your business crazy successful.

Critical Aspect #1: Guidance

You know a lot already. Where you may need guidance is verifying what you already know and putting it into action (which is the hardest part!). A great fitness business system will help you:

  • Determine and manage your business’ culture.
  • Know your sweet spot in the market. Not just selling something to anybody. It’s finding your strengths, knowing your ideal client, and knowing how to find those clients.  Suddenly selling becomes easier. ,
  • Get clarity and understanding of the ‘big picture’… your vision and goals, and how to get everyone in your business on board
  • Manage problems and opportunities effectively and at the right time, and to teach other people to do the same.
  • Consistently speak and act with clarity and purpose, and having goals that are defined in such a way that ‘Success’ is a very clear picture.
  • Bring out the best leader in you.
  • Balance your work and life by building with a plan.
  • Understand how to most effectively ‘work on yourself’ as a business owner.
  • Know every morning when your feet hit the floor exactly what you need to do that day in order to be where you want to be in 1… 3…. 5 years…
  • Establish clear benchmarks for high performance, for yourself, your employees, and your business. (i.e. metrics!)

Critical Aspect #2: Coaching

Similar to the critical aspect of guidance, coaching is one of those things where “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. (And all the married folks say, amen! Who would have known that your spouse had so many quirks, right?). A great fitness business system will help you by:

  • Meeting you where you’re at as an owner, and building your acumen to the level of the business owner you want to be.
  • Teaching you what you need to know about the numbers that matter, and how to have  your finger on the pulse of your business – without you having to be a numbers guru.
  • Leading you through the process of building your business, rather than having a mountain of information dumped in front of you to figure out.

Critical Aspect #3: Providing tactical support

There are a lot of things that fitness professionals and business owners have to juggle. A great fitness business system will give you:

  • Tangible “how tos” so that you can execute the tactical day-to-day plans without consuming too much of your time
  • Real plans for how to hire and develop a Team who is dedicated to the business you live for.
  • Tips and best practices for keeping the right things top-of-mind, for you and anyone else in your business.
  • Instruction on how to lead a highly effective meeting with your Team, where the level of efficiency energizes everyone.
  • Training for ‘empowered delegation’, not management by abdication.
  • Personality and skill assessments and training to help you communicate with, manage, and develop staff, clients, and yourself more effectively.
  • Teach you how to be and hold people accountable for high performance.
  • Tools to organize and maintain your business management information.

Critical Aspect #4: Tough Love Business Advice

We know that you didn’t become a personal trainer because you love paperwork, balancing worksheets, and managing employees. But there are some really important pieces of a business that you cannot afford to neglect. A great fitness business system will give you:

  • As a place to get direction on the ‘not-fun-but-must-be-done’ items that come up.
  • Guide you in legal, HR, IT, payroll, and all of the other areas that you don’t need to master, but you need more than ‘from the hip’ advice.
  • Specialized skills at your disposal, such as CMS or autoresponder setup, software training, site selection, and lease negotiations.

Bonus Critical Aspects:

  • Have a Coach who stays up on the story of your business— where it was a long time ago, where it’s been recently, what’s at the top of your list now, where do you need to be in the short term, where are you going in the long term.
  • Rely on people who practice and understand what business alignment is and how to establish it.
  • Be surrounded by peers who are at similar levels and have similar ambitions.
  • Feel the momentum behind you that comes with alignment.

We hope this gives you a better idea of what you should expect from a fitness business system. Don’t buy into the myth that there is one, small quick fix to help you succeed. We want to see you succeed, and we encourage you to not settle for anything less.

We have been equally frustrated with the “silver bullet” messaging about a fitness business system (and the lack of results it produces). That’s why we created the Fitness Business Alignment System™ (FBAS) that we use in our Accelerator & License Programs. FBAS is designed to build high-performing, sustainable businesses, and to help fit business owners develop themselves into the best business entrepreneurs (or solo-preneurs) they can be.

Learn more About how to Implement a Fitness Business system

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