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4 Ways to Build Your Credibility And Grow Your Personal Training Business

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

Positioning is a powerful piece of your marketing plan. It tells your target market who you are, who you help, and why they should choose you. It also gives you credibility and should position you as an expert. So, how do we tell the world that you’re an amazing fitness pro?

Before you begin telling the world how awesome you are we need to create your Local Market Positioning™. Think of this as your strength coach or personal trainer resume, but packaged up in a way that actually matters to your target market. This is how you will stand out in your market, position yourself as an expert and clearly communicate why someone should listen to you.

To begin creating your Local Market Positioning™ you’ll need to do a brain dump of the following:

  1. Features of your program
  2. Benefits of your program to the end user
  3. Statistical data, tangible results and awards won
  4. Describe in detail how you deliver your program and get these results

This will be challenging, don’t worry about getting it perfect. Your goal is to get as many ideas and thoughts out of your head and on to paper as possible to be evaluated later.

The easiest place to start is with your statistical data, tangible results and awards won. You’re probably overlooking a lot of great differentiators that can position you as an expert inside of this category.   

For example, I was recently coaching a former D-I strength coach turned private sector strength coach through this exercise. During our coaching sessions we discovered that he had coached 3 Olympians, 5 professional athletes and hundreds of D-I athletes during his career. Those are incredible results that would grab the attention of any parent or coach of a young athlete.

Here are a few examples to spark some ideas for you:

  • [Your Business Name] clients lose an average of [XX] pounds in [YY] days
  • [Your Business Name] clients have lost a total of [ZZZZ] pounds in [Timeframe]
  • Best of [City] Personal Trainer/Gym/Fitness Center in [List years]
  • [XX] happy clients trained in [YY] years/since [Date]
  • [XX] [Your Business Name] Athletes have earned a collegiate scholarship

Don’t forget any awards you’ve won as an athlete, including your own transformation, or awards you’ve won professionally.  Your target market may not know why those are important but simply knowing you’ve been recognized as top in your field is important for your credibility.  

Once you’ve got these dialed in its time to go tell the world through your marketing!

Need Help With Your Positioning?  

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