5 Companies Innovating Fitness

Innovative Fitness Companies

Fitness changes. It evolves.

Sure it’s based on sound principles but the application of fitness and what we, as fitness pros, learn about how to teach and educate clients is rapidly evolving.

Most of that is due to the progressive and innovative people and companies in our industry. They are constantly seeking out better ways, challenging the status quo and doing their best to bring the rest of us along for the ride.

Today I want to give you a look at 5 companies that I think are some of the most innovative in our industry and are changing the way fitness is coached and applied to clients.



MYZONE has made using heart rate based training affordable and easy for trainers and group training business owners.  Wearables are a hot trend in fitness right now, and it’s exciting to think about the possibilities of where they will take us.

This system allows you to track your clients’ efforts through heart rate monitoring so that you can create an individualized workout and progressions quickly and easily. If someone isn’t working at the level needed there’s no need to guess. Just check the HR display, and it shows what intensity they are working at and if they need to go a bit harder.

You’ll also be able to talk about the average calorie burn during your workouts and compare them to other programs. That’s a great differentiator for a fat loss business.

Plus, it gamifies the workouts by adding some competitiveness to it both internally and externally. You can compete against yourself from workout to work to burn more calories or train at a higher intensity. Or you can compare yourself to the fittest person in class to try and beat their best.

If you’d like to get started with a MYZONE system, email ryan@frnation.com to get connected to a rep.

2. DVRT & Ultimate Sandbag Training


Josh Henkin has drastically changed the way many trainers think about training. Although you may think that this system is based around a tool, the sandbag, it’s really about movement.

DVRT or Dynamic Variable Resistance Training allows you as a coach and trainer to progress and adapt movements to fit the needs of your clients. It’s designed to accommodate any fitness level and has endless variety.

Applying DVRT with the Ultimate Sandbag makes training fun and incredibly functional for your clients. Not only will it improve core strength and help with mobility, but it’s a great fat burning workout as well. This system allows for endless progressions and combinations of exercises to be strung together into complexes to create incredible workouts, even for the time-pressed clients.

I’ve been following Josh’s work for several years, and he continues to impress with the innovative applications to improve fitness in the DVRT system.

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Onnit is one of my personal favorite supplement companies and mostly due to the fact that they are focused on optimal human performance. This isn’t your typical supplement company that is in it to sell you the latest pre-workout or mass builder.

Onnit is great for clients as they chase their fitness goals but also for the busy and often overworked business owner, such as yourself.

My personal favorite supplements are Alpha BRAIN and New Mood. They are in my daily rotation of supplements I take—Alpha BRAIN before I start my most important tasks for the morning and New Mood at night before I head to bed to calm my brain a bit.

But the team over at Onnit is also committed to education. They offer a variety of fitness tools, education and certifications on functional training. Learn how Onnit blends nutrition, supplementation and training into one big package to promote optimal performance.
Are Optimized Towards Your Health & Fitness Goals? Get Your Free Personalized Assessment From Onnit Now.

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SPRI is a great equipment company that has a long history helping fitness pros.  They represent quality, innovation and passion to the professional fitness community.

Lately I’ve been impressed with the amount of great content and education they are putting out for the products they sell. I’m a huge fan of their “Better Every Day” video as you might guess from my email sign off that is “Make today your best”.

SPRI has a ton of great videos and demonstrations on their YouTube channel to give you ideas and inspire you to be creative and innovative with your own training. And most of it is geared around equipment you’ll find in most great boot camp or training facilities.

In a time where it’s easy to get caught up in fancy equipment, SPRI knows it can be better to focus on a simple, but incredibly effective methods of training.

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5. Fitness Revolution

It would be a little silly for me to leave us off this list right? We’ve got some big plans ahead for FR and we’re really excited that you are along for the ride with us.

One thing we know is that without you—the fitness pro, trainer, coach, and business owner—we can’t accomplish our vision. That’s why we have focused on the business owners through our Fitness Business Alignment System™. This is the first coaching and business development system of it’s kind in our industry.

Where most of the business coaching you can get revolves around marketing, and that’s a really important piece, we know that there is a need to help you be a better business owner and a high performer.

It’s not enough to only be able to get new clients and sell them more. You have to be able to manage your business and ensure that your running it and it’s not running you!

While it’s taken a lot of work from a lot of people to get this new framework for fitness business success out there and get it to take hold, we’re seeing a lot of success from our current coaching clients that are using it.

As we continue to gain momentum, the message will spread and you’ll start to see a new wave of fitness business owners at the top of their game and leading the industry. That reach, as it continues to grow, will provide us with more opportunities to cultivate a network of trainers and fitness pros that will eventually elevate the industry.

Told you we had big dreams and a vision :). And it all started with innovating the way business coaching is implemented for you.

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