5 Principles Of An Effective Fitness Business Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult, like we discussed earlier in How To Tell Your Marketing Story. However, you must zero in on certain areas of your plan to ensure you are targeting your ideal client effectively. There’s a difference between a great marketing strategy and an effective one. A marketing plan should include the following Principles of Effective Marketing to help you attract and keep the right clients for your business.

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Principle One

Marketing has to build trust. One of the first things a business owner must do is think about their prospective client and whether their marketing message is building trust in their business and what it has to offer.

Principle Two

Target and speak to a very specific audience. Think about creating the offer for one, very specific person. When you do that, you will hone in on exactly what that person needs to hear and what their needs, wants, and desires are. Targeted messages attract better clients. Don’t try to put out a generic message. That is not effective marketing.

Principle Three

Target your ideal client with the 4 P’s- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

  • Product- What you offer to your target market.
  • Price- The price must be attractive to your ideal client.
  • Place- Where you place your marketing message.
  • Promotion- How you plan to attract clients.

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Principle Four

Marketing positions your product to stand out above the rest. You have to position your product against the competition. You can do that with a positioning statement and differentiators which we will teach you how to create in the Foundations course!

Principle Five

Marketing happens at all levels of a relationship with your prospects and your clients. Don’t get caught in the mindset that marketing is only for prospective clients—it’s also for current clients. You’re using marketing to keep clients engaged to maximize their lifetime value with you. Their referrals are also a huge perk of this continued relationship!

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