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8 Advanced Single Leg Training Exercises

When it comes to single leg training you’re usually doing split squats, lunges, or single leg RDL. Well what do you do after your clients have mastered those exercises? In this article Ryan equips you with 8 Single Leg Exercises that you can have your clients perform after they master those simple single leg exercises.

Once you get past the simple split squat, lunge or single leg RDL what are you supposed to do with your clients when it comes to single leg training?

At some point using a heavier load becomes too risky or grip becomes a limiting factor. But, you still have to find a way to progress your client and make the workout fun.

That’s when it’s time to add some movement and variety into your single leg exercises. Locomotion not only adds a bit of a challenge as you accelerate and decelerate the loads and it ramps up the metabolic impact of the workout.

Adding movement or locomotion to your single leg training exercises also allows you to train in multiple planes a bit more easily. It’s a very functional approach to training.

Don’t be so quick to judge! These functional movements aren’t just a circus act.

If you are looking to progress your single leg movements a little more you can add in some combos to them as well. My favorite is the clean because it’s relatively easy to teach and not too risky.

The tool I recommend for this is the Ultimate Sandbag and Josh Henkin has some awesome progressions and variations on his site as well as in his DVRT system.

If you’re ready to ramp up a client’s program give one of these 8 single leg variations a try:

Take your single-leg training to the next level.

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