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You're in Stage One of the Fitness Business Owner Journey

Based on your answers to the questions, you’re in in Stage One of the Fitness Business Owners Journey.  That means you are perfect for our

Accelerator Program.

Below is a description of what it probably feels like where you’re at in your business. You’re in for an exciting and rewarding ride, but you’re probably already beginning to see that things might be a little more complicated than you predicted. That’s why you’re here – to get help and we won’t let you down. Here’s a simple breakdown of Stage One.

The Scenario

Newer coach/trainer likely in 1st year or two of career. Either working for a gym or renting space from a local facility. Currently has 5 or less consistent clients.

Biggest Challenges

Struggling to get enough clients and not sure what they should be doing daily. Recurring concerns of not being “good enough” or fear of failing


Creating basic structure in approach to business. Developing and using a consistent approach to closing sales and implementing a regular weekly operating routine

Resources Needed

Business coach to guide the way. Training in the Surefire sales closing system. Application of the Priority Tracker and Triple A marketing method.
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[The Scenario]
Stage One: Setting the Stage

Right now, you are likely new to the fitness industry or at least new to running a fitness business. You have been working hard to hone your training skills and know that you have an amazing service to offer, but you might be struggling to get your name out there and get your first couple of consistent clients. Perhaps you’re renting space out of a facility or working for a gym and have big aspirations, but it’s becoming apparent that making money in fitness isn’t as easy as you hoped and right now priority one is making enough money to cover your living expenses.

[Biggest Challenges]
Stage One: The Challenges

You know you need clients and that you could help them if they would just give you a chance, but you don’t know how to get them. You constantly find yourself wondering who or what you should be listening to and sometimes you’re just not sure if you’re good enough. It seems like you’re doing a lot every day and when you finally have a shot to make someone a client it’s always the same story; they love the workouts, but they “just can’t afford it right now” or “I’ll think about it.” Other trainers in the area seem to pick up clients with ease, but you KNOW that you’re a better coach. What gives? To top it all off, the 2 or 3 clients that you have are getting great results, but they’re just not telling their friends about you despite every trainer you follow on Facebook saying that “word of mouth” is the key to building your business.

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Stage One: The Path

The key to mastering this first stage of fitness business ownership is going to be the acquisition of sales skills and the implementation of consistent training, goal-setting, and sales processes. This is the first stage of refinement for your fitness business and will help you create a weekly operating routine. By leveraging done-for-you resources such as programming templates, the Sure-fire sales system, and the Priority Tracker, your Fitness Revolution coach will create the framework in which you can feel confident that you know WHAT to do and WHEN. At this point, the only thing standing between you and stage two will be execution.

[Resources Needed]
Stage One: The Milestones

Imagine finally being able to breathe a bit; you can pay your bills, you start to develop some notoriety in the area, and clients begin sending a couple friends or family members your way. You find yourself getting into a groove by making some of your processes more consistent and you gain some more confidence selling your service. The additional funds you’re making allow you to continue educating yourself further and keep business growth on an upward trajectory. You’re not out of the woods yet, but you are consistently setting and hitting goals and realize you can make a go at this thing.

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  • FR’s Online Campus
  • Ticket to EFPS conference
  • Live workshops
  • Coaching calls
  • Processes & plans
  • Goals & accountability
  • Sales & marketing tools
  • Email, phone & text support
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