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You're in Stage Two of the Fitness Business Owner Journey

Based on your answers to the questions, you’re in in Stage Two of the Fitness Business Owners Journey.  That means you are perfect for our

Accelerator Program.

Below is a description of what it probably feels like where you’re at in your business. You’re in for an exciting and rewarding ride, but you’re probably already beginning to see that things might be a little more complicated than you predicted. That’s why you’re here – to get help and we won’t let you down. Here’s a simple breakdown of Stage Two.

The Scenario

A trainer with a couple years under their belt. Currently renting space from a local facility and getting enough clients to make a living wage. Likely just short of working “full-time” hours.

Biggest Challenges

Clients are trickling in, but not fast enough. Not sure if pricing is right and concerned to charge more. Struggling with time management and balancing marketing with training.


Consistent marketing efforts and lead follow-up system. Defining ideal client avatar and marketing message. Tracking the 4 pillars.

Resources Needed

Business coach, Leadtracker, Ideal Client and Local Marketing Positioning tools, Marketing Calendar.
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[The Scenario]
Stage Two: Setting the Stage

You’re not new to the fitness industry anymore. You’ve been training or coaching long enough to have a handful of clients that love and appreciate what you’re doing. You are likely renting space out of a local facility, traveling to your clients’ houses, or are working for a gym with plans to go out on your own any day now. By now, you’ve gotten enough sales experience to hold your own, but you’re still far away from your target income and you know to get there you’re going to have to develop some more business skills and marketing is at the top of the list. It finally feels like you are getting a bit of traction, but this taste of success only makes you want more. If this is going to be a long-term career, you’re going to need to get more clients.

[Biggest Challenges]
Stage Two: The Challenges

You just aren’t getting more clients fast enough. The things that you have been doing up until this point such as getting your clients good results and asking them to tell their friends are still working periodically, but it’s become unpredictable. You’re not sure if you are charging enough because other trainers in the area are charging more, but you’re afraid to raise your prices because you can’t afford to scare anyone away. This also has you training anyone that will pay you, but honestly, you’re not exactly thrilled to work with all these client goals and as you start getting busier you have less time to spend marketing to and selling new clients. Life would be great if you could just start attracting clients on a regular basis and begin filling some of those gaps in your schedule.

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Stage Two: The Path

It’s time to level up your approach to your business and improve your marketing practices. You’ll start to take a longer-term perspective by spending more time setting quarterly and annual goals. These goals will create the much needed direction that will help you decide which weekly and daily tasks are essential to the growth of your business. You’ll also dig into more refined and predictable marketing strategies by defining who your ideal client is, what your core offer is, and what makes you unique in your market. This will establish the foundation of your message which will begin to attract more clients and force you to be more organized and deliberate with your follow-up and time management.

[Resources Needed]
Stage Two: The Milestones

Your client list is building steadily over time and you start to get a consistent flow of people inquiring about your services. To capitalize on this, you set specific intervals throughout the week to make follow-up calls and take consultations. You consider adding a client management system that will allow you to better manage client interaction and take payments. You’re working a lot of hours and it’s really paying off; clients are seeing success, your income is growing, and your schedule is almost full. At this point you realize that you probably can’t keep this pace up forever and you start to consider what it would like to hire your first employee since you’re going to need help.

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  • FR’s Online Campus
  • Ticket to EFPS conference
  • Live workshops
  • Coaching calls
  • Processes & plans
  • Goals & accountability
  • Sales & marketing tools
  • Email, phone & text support
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