AR High Performance Coaching Program Terms

Below are the terms you have agreed to by joining the Athletic Revolution High Performance Coaching Program, either by completing an order form or in a verbal agreement with a member of the Fitness Revolution team.

High Performance Coaching Program Terms

I would like to participate in the Athletic Revolution Coaching Program. I understand that based on my enrollment, I have obligations to the Program and that this agreement outlines my intention of fulfilling those obligations.

I understand that the Coaching Program is a 12-month minimum commitment and that the fees for this program are an Enrollment Fee of $999, with an annual fee of $5499 or $499 per month.

We guarantee to get results for your business! If during your first 30 days in any FR Coaching Program you aren’t satisfied or seeing the results you don’t pay.  

Simply let us know via email that you aren’t happy and we’ll EITHER:

  1. Coach you FREE for another 30 days free to fix the problem
  2. Refund all fees paid and terminate your agreement

If you are willing to do the work we are confident you’ll see results.

I understand that this program agreement will renew annually, at my chosen annual or monthly rate, unless I provide written notice to Athletic Revolution no less than 60 days prior to my annual renewal date. (Notice may be provided by email.)

All cancellations must be requested via email to your Success Coach.

I agree to give Athletic Revolution permission to process payment automatically each month for the amount due and I commit to keeping my payment information updated.

I understand that I am licensing from Athletic Revolution proprietary content, intellectual property, and assets. I also understand that if at any point my program membership is not in good standing that license is revoked, and any continued use of the materials contained in the license would constitute legal action on behalf of Athletic Revolution iProperties, LLC against myself.

I am fully aware that the success of my business is my responsibility and should I choose not to follow the program in its entirety I release all liability from Athletic Revolution it’s officers, directors, employees, and contractors.

By completing an order form manually or verbally agreeing to join the program I am acknowledging that I agree to these terms.

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