Are 6-week Transformation Challenges Dead?

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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2019)

A lot of so-called marketing gurus are quick to call a proven marketing tactic ‘dead’ as clickbait.

So are 6-week transformation challenges dead?

If you are marketing your challenges the same way you did a year ago, your challenge might be on life support.

But if you continue to innovate and execute well in your marketing, challenges continue to be a proven tactic to bring in new revenue and new clients.

So if you need some fresh ideas for your challenge, check out the analysis below of a transformation campaign that brought in over $60,000 in sales for my business.

Here are the details:


6-Week New Year Reboot


  • Started at $250, then price increased to $275 after week 1 of campaign, then $300 after week 2
  • Payment options were 1 payment, 2 monthly payments, 6 weekly payments


Finally! Take Back Control of Your Body & Reboot Your Metabolism to Feel Fit, Strong, & Confident Again in the New Year…
(Plus, Win Cash For Your Transformation)


  • 6 Weeks of Training, Recovery & Nutrition Coaching,  Accountability, & Community Support
  • Unlimited Access to All Semi-Private & Group Training Sessions at All Locations (Burlingame, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, & Santa Clara)
  • Habit-Based Nutrition Guide, including:How to create the perfect meal
    • How to control your portions
    • How to master meal prep
    • How to prep & love your veggies
    • How to get all your micronutrients naturally
    • 25 ways to eat well on the go
  • Customized Habit Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Program
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
  • 4 Possible Start Dates: December 29th, January 5th, January 12th, January 26th

Cash Rewards:

  • Score 90% on your Accountability Score and win $50 cash of workouts (up to 4pts/week) + Coach Catalyst compliance (1pt/day) + Weekly Check-In Facebook Group (5pts/week) + Completion of Measurement & Testing (5pts each)
  • Lose 6% of your body weight and win $100 cash
  • Lose 10% of your body weight and win $200 cash

Here are the stats:

Front End Sales:

(81 FEOs)

Membership Sales (12-Month Contract Value):

(13 New Members)

Total Sales:


Total Facebook/Instagram Ad Spend:

  • $15,449
    • 1223 total leads
    • $10.53/lead targeting men on the Facebook Newsfeed
    • $11.04/lead targeting women on the Facebook Newsfeed
    • $27.13/lead targeting women on the Instagram Newsfeed
    • $100.00/lead targeting women on Instagram Stories

Cash Rewards:


Total Marketing Expenses:




Technology Used:

  • Facebook/Instagram Lead Generation Campaigns
  • TextMagic for the automated text sequence
  • Mailchimp for the automated text
  • Samcart for the sales page/shopping cart
  • Typeform for the registration form
  • Google Sheets for tracking
  • Zapier to connect the different pieces of the funnel
  • Coach Catalyst for habit-based nutrition coaching
  • Facebook Groups for weekly accountability

Here’s what went well:

  • Initial group orientation. For the fitness test in the orientation, we paired people up to count each other’s reps and the pairs very friendly and encouraging. This created a great community to start the program.
  • Fitness test (1 min max pushups + 1 min max reverse lunges + 1 min max burpees w/1 min rest between each). The fitness test allowed us to show participants they were improving, even if they didn’t see changes on the scale.
  • Facebook group engagement. Our team was intentional about responding quickly to posts in the group, which set the tone and created a lot of peer to peer interaction.

Here’s what we can do better:

  • With multiple start dates, we did a poor job of making sure participants got their midpoint and final testing and measurements completed.
  • The delay in getting the testing and measurements done and organized caused a delay in getting the cash rewards to some of those who earned them. We also planned on sending the rewards via PayPal, but not everyone had a PayPal account.

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