August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online Space

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(Last Updated On: August 26, 2020)

We asked some of our Success Coaches two questions about moving into the online space. Every day, they talk to independent gym owners across the country and share their combined decades of experience in guiding them to success. Here’s a look at their answers.

Question 1: For fitness business owners thinking about offering a permanent, online Core Offer or Front End Offer, what variables should they consider in the creation and strategic design of their new service?


August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceSuccess Coach Asa Ivers:

Am I making a reactionary decision by adding an online service, or does this fit into my business model?

Do I want to offer this service long term?

How much manpower will I need to invest in maintaining my online offer?

How can I set the pricing correctly to not detract from my in-person training?


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August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceSuccess Coach Madison Allen:

When moving into the online space for the first time, it can be easy to get lost in the operational and execution details of your offer, while overlooking the strategic decisions.

Is this designed around the outcome I’m best at getting for clients?

Does a sufficient market exist for this Core Offer to be successful?

Do I have a clearly defined ideal client for this program, and do I have a strong, local market positioning statement that will attract that ideal client?


August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceSuccess Coach Mike Allen:

Start by examining the “why” behind this effort. A lot of independent gym owners didn’t have a choice but to branch into online offers with the uncertainty of COVID-19. But that’s different from permanently expanding offers online. Develop an understanding of how this fits in with the long-term, strategic direction of your business, if it does at all.



August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceSuccess Coach Craig Myers:

Understand why a permanent online offer is the right move and get clear on the ideal client for it. Capacity is critical. Do you have the resources to maintain a permanent virtual service in addition to an in-person service? Get a solid idea of what you’re capable of delivering at a high level. And remember, an online offer doesn’t have to be live coaching/training.



Question 2: What are the first three action steps a fitness business owner should take in launching/promoting a new online offer?


August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceAsa:

Determine what you’re offering and how you plan to communicate with clients in the program.

Figure out how much time and manpower will be demanded. This will give you a baseline for pricing. Also, take into consideration your in-person offer so that you don’t price your online as a competitor to it.

You may want to do a “soft launch” and start with a small test group as you work out any kinks. Once you have a systemized program, then get rolling with larger-scale marketing.


August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceMadison:

The first step is to get centered on what you’re offering and what problem it solves for clients.

Next, determine how you’re going to deliver the service operationally. Who will handle the delivery? What resources are needed to deliver the service? How will you measure the success of the service?

The third step is to get the word out using internal, online and offline channels.


August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceMike:

Step 1: Outline the offer. Identify the ideal client. Craft your product positioning/differentiators.

Step 2: Figure out your resource allocation (team, capacity, marketing needs, etc.) and what you need to accomplish this. Consider operational elements — how are you going to deliver a world-class experience with your online training?

Step 3: Start marketing it.


August Coaches Corner: Moving Into The Online SpaceCraig:

Get clear on your offer — what the service is and the pricing. Consider three broad categories: selling a product; selling a limited service; full-service training.

Prepare operationally. Get the tools and resources you need to deliver a great experience. This may also include beta testing with current clients or prospects.

Use the Triple A method to create your marketing plan and go.


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