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How To Remain Relevant In A Social & Mobile World

Your customers are on their phones everywhere, posting, tweeting, and texting. Do you understand what this increasingly pervasive behavior means for your business? If you haven’t been thinking about how to stay relevant in today’s mobile and social world, now’s the time. Whether they’re on the go or at their desks, consumers are accessing their social networks more than any other online site,...

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Building Stronger Client Releationships

Building strong relationships with your clients is critical to your success as a business owner and trainer.  Those relationships result in clients staying long and buying more, which means more revenue for your business. Plus, it’s just more fun to work with people to really like 🙂 MINDBODY has a great infographic below that will show you how using their app builds stronger, longer...

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7 Sales Tips from Fit Pros Who Crushed Their Sales Goals

The most successful fit pros know that sales is a huge part of having the type of business that you want. In this article, we asked 3 fitness business owners (who crushed their sales goals) to share their most helpful fitness sales tips to help other people do the same.

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Small Changes Make Big Waves

So many trainers try to overhaul their client’s lifestyle to get the results they want. This often times leads the client to fail! Discover why making small changes will create a huge impact on the results you get while empowering them to maintain those results over the long haul.

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9 Nutrition Mistakes Trainers Make

If you’re working with clients to transform their body or even help them feel better, you must provide some type of nutritional support and guidance. But, most trainers don’t know where to start with nutrition and make a lot of mistakes. Trevor Wittwer, creator of Habit Catalyst, breaks down the top 9 mistakes trainers make when it comes to nutrition.

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How to Create an Automated Marketing Funnel

In this interview CJ Easter, owner of Performance Science Training Institute and co-creator of the 48-Hour Funnel Formula covers: A systematic approach to growing a business that adds a little science to the art of marketing Exactly how he recently launched a marketing campaign that got him 88 leads and 15 new clients paying him $300+ to try out his programs The biggest mistake trainers make...

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7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Accelerate Fat Loss

presentation by: Michael A. Roussell, PhD presentation by: Michael A. Roussell, PhD  presentation by: Michael A. Roussell, PhD

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How To Find, Hire, & Work With A Bookkeeper

Discover what fit pros need to know to find, hire, and work with a fitness business bookkeeper.

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How to Customize Your Group Training

Fitness expert Josh Henkins shares 2 concepts that personal trainers should focus on to help group training feel customized.

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To Lease or Not to Lease? 5 Questions to Ask First

What questions do you need to ask before signing a lease for your fitness business? What things do you need to consider in advance?

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How to Build a Productive Team: Create a Unifying Purpose

How do you take your business productivity from good to great? In this article we look at how having purpose and vision impacts your productivity.

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The Cost of Core Values

Inevitably, there are trade-offs fitness business owners have to make in building a successful business. This article takes a look at the costs associated with core values.

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A Mixed Approach to Program Design for Better Results

Resistance training exercises can be categorized into four types: explosive exercises, cross-body exercises, compound exercises, and isolation exercises. In this article learn how a mixed approach to resistance exercise programming that utilizes all four types of resistance exercise may provide superior training results when compared with exclusively using only one type of exercise.

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How to Use General Vs Specific Exercises in Your Program Design

by Nick Tumminello Research on a kinetic and electromyographic comparison of the standing single-arm cable press and bench press showed that performance is limited by the activation and neuromuscular coordination of torso muscles, not maximal muscle activation of the chest and shoulder muscles (4). In other words, like the bench press, standing single-arm cable press performance also relies on...

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How to Build a Productive Team: Establish a Common Language

Establishing a common language is vital to any team. Between tone, meaning and intention—there are lots of ways that communication can get muddled. Learn why having a common language will help your team communicate more effectively and become more productive.

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How to Create a Time Management System for Maximal Productivity

The 4-Step Time Management System  By Pamela MacElree, Success Coach I get it: We’re all busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Too many things pop up that need to get done.  You have to get certain day-to-day items done. However, you’d like a life at the same time.  😉 How can you possibly get it all done? How many of those questions and thoughts about time management and being...

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Close Every Sale by Tailoring Your Tactics

Do you have a one-size fits all approach to closing new clients? In this article, Nathan Miller discusses how DiSC profiles can help you tailor your sales tactics to close more sales (and get more clients!).

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3 Benefits of Strategic Planning for Fitness Businesses

As a fitness professional, you already know the importance of strategy when it comes to a fitness program. How much more important is it to also have a strategy for your business? Learn 3 benefits to having a strategic plan in place.

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3 Myths Of Corrective Exercise: The Solution—Your Corrective Exercise Program System

This is part 4 our 4-Part Blog and Video Series put together by Dr. Evan Osar to help you uncover the 3 biggest myths surrounding corrective exercise and help you create a strategy to overcome so you can help your clients get faster, better results. In this article and video Dr. Evan Osar unveils your corrective exercise program.

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3 Myths Of Corrective Exercise: Strength Prevents Injuries

This is part 2 of a 4-Part Blog and Video Series put together by Dr. Evan Osar. Dr. Evan Osar explains to you why strength doesn’t prevent injuries.

3 Myths of Corrective Exercise: All Clients Have the Same Problem & There’s Only One Solution

This is Part 3 of a 4-Part Article and Video Series put together by Dr. Evan Osar to help you uncover the 3 biggest myths surrounding corrective exercise and help you create a strategy to overcome so you can help your clients get faster, better results. Dr. Evan Osar debunks the myth, “all clients have the same problem and there’s only one solution” in this article and video.

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Get It Done or Else: How Setting Deadlines Will Help Clients Reach Their Goals

Are your clients getting close, but not meeting there goals? Our guest blogger, Barry Westerkamp discusses in this article on how setting deadlines will help your clients reach their goals. Help your clients get it done!

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3 Myths of Corrective Exercise: It’s NOT about Correcting Dysfunction

This is Part 1 of a 4-part blog and video series put together by Dr. Evan Osar to help you uncover the 3 biggest myths surrounding corrective exercise. In this article Dr. Evan Osar debunks the myth “Corrective exercise is designed to correct a certain dysfunction.”

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Understanding Principles vs. Methods

In this article we have guest blogger, Chad Smith help you understand principles vs methods. As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods by ignoring principles is sure to have trouble.

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If Your Clients Sleep Less, They’ll Weigh More

How can getting more sleep lead to your clients weighing less? Is it a biological mechanism or is it something they can control?

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3 Tips to Prevent Clients from Getting Too Comfortable

By Eric Cressey Previously, I’ve written about how much I enjoy the writing of Chip and Dan Heath, brothers who’ve written best sellers like Made to Stick and Switch. These books provide insights about why certain concepts are accepted while others are rejected, and they outline strategies to implement paradigm shifts effectively. The Heaths analyze how people behave and process information in...

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Women in the Fitness Industry: Q&A with Pam MacElree

In this interview Pamela talks about the journey for women in the fitness industry, the obstacles she has had to face (especially from other females!), the stereo-types about women that irritate her the most, and much more!

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4 Core Training Myths Debunked

This guest article by Nick Tumminello debunks 4 common core training myths for you, so you don’t squander your time believing them, and gives you the real facts so you can make the most of your exercise efforts.