4 Reasons High Performers ‘ABM’

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(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)

In one of the greatest sales scenes in history (from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross), Alec Baldwin says ‘A- Always, B- Be, C- Closing, Always Be Closing.’

The same applies to your marketing.

ABM- Always Be Marketing.

A lot of fitness professionals use the holidays as an excuse to stop or slow down their marketing efforts because ‘people are busy.’

Here’s the truth…

People will always be busy. It’s our job to guide them to make their health and fitness a priority, despite being busy.

So here are 4 reasons why high performing fitness business owners ‘Always Be Marketing’:

  1. High performers do what’s necessary, even when it’s hard.
    Yes, getting leads to sign up during the holidays is harder. But the average do things when they’re easy. The high performing get the job done when it’s hard. That’s what separates them. You don’t get paid the big bucks to solve the easy problems.

  2. High performers separate the behavior from the outcome.
    I think we can all agree that consistent marketing is a necessary behavior if you want to run a high performing business. But, when you are passionate about what you do, getting a ‘no’ from your marketing efforts is hard, even for high performers. However, a high performer is able to remove the emotion from the outcome and continue to execute the behavior because they know the action is necessary for their success. Think of it like this… A high performing baseball player will fail 7/10 times. But every time they come up to the plate, they still put in a good at bat because they understand they can only control their approach, not the outcome.

  3. High performers practice what they preach.
    As fitness professionals, we tell our clients to continue to exercise and eat right during the holidays, even if it’s harder. If a business owner teaches this, but fails to do the necessary things in their own business when it’s hard, your clients will eventually sense this misalignment and this will erode the culture of your business.

  4. High performers understand the sales cycle of a lead.
    I think a lot of fitness business owners are ok with stopping their marketing efforts because it doesn’t cause an immediate pain. A lead often takes 4-6+ weeks to convert to a client. So stopping your marketing now is like taking out a high-interest and high-stress loan from your business. It might give you some relief in the short term, but the loan will come due in 6 weeks and you likely won’t have the volume in your sales funnel to repay it. High performers understand this and avoid the cycle of constantly playing catch up by following the rule of ABM.

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Author: CJ Easter

CJ is a former Stanford athlete and the founder of FitTrac Coaching, Lead Engine Marketing and Burn & Earn.

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