4 Ways To Get ‘Unstuck’ In Your Fitness Business

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(Last Updated On: March 14, 2024)

Have you suddenly found yourself stuck in business? Things may have gone well for a while, you were growing, sales were coming in…

Now, for some reason that you can’t quite put your finger on things have slowed down. You feel like you are on a hamster wheel, going round and round with no real forward progress.

That feeling can be frustrating and exhausting for a fitness business owner. Everyone that has had some success has been there before, and there’s a good chance that you will be there again.  

Hitting the ceiling, or that feeling of being stuck is all apart of the growth process. It means that your current processes, skills and people in the business may be tapped out and you need to look at new ways to maximize their potential and your success.

Simplify The Complex

It is really easy for processes and systems to get complex as you grow your business. In an effort to provide the best service you can take things a little too far and make it difficult for others to take over the tasks or to complete consistently with predictable results.   

As the business grows the number of people, information and communication usually grow alongside it. That creates complexity that can get you stuck.   

Find ways to simplify your business!  

You’re Over Capacity

The real title for this section should be “you refuse to delegate”! You only have so much time and energy to get the most important things done in your business. It’s critical that you delegate tasks and processes to others who can do them as well, or better than you are able.

One of the best ways to do this early on is finding staff who compliment what you do. By removing some of the tasks you’re not good at or that you don’t like doing more of your time can be spent on things that really matter.

The easiest tasks to get off your plate are simple administrative tasks. Don’t start with marketing or sales, in fact those are the last things you usually delegate because they are most important to your business.

Improve Communication & Sharing of Information

Meetings may seem like a waste of time, but when run well and done consistently they can save you hours of headaches and unnecessary conversations with your team.   

A consistent meeting schedule with your team creates a place for you all to share information, keep a finger on the pulse of the business and reinforce the direction of the company.  

As the business owner this is where you get your team onboard with the vision of the company, your mission, and hold them accountable for doing their jobs. It is your team’s place to share information with you, provide critical updates and get feedback they need to do their jobs well.

Decide, Decide, Decide (Then Act)

You can get caught in an endless cycle of information gathering as a business owner. Looking around for what works best, how to do it perfectly, who it works for, etc.  

That leaves you with a whole lot of info and no results.  It’s important that you make good decisions, but it could be argued that its more important that you simply make a decision!  

One of the key traits of High Performers is their ability to decide quickly and take action. Quickly is all relative to the size of the decision being made. For example deciding to move your studio to a larger location is a much larger decision than deciding if you want to attend the networking event next week.

Learn how to evaluate the size of a decision quickly, go through the appropriate amount of information gathering, decide and then act. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can move when you start making decisions.

Kickstarting New Growth

If your business growth needs a kickstart try focusing on one of these 4 key areas. Remember, getting stuck is all apart of the growing process. To get unstuck you need to level up with your skills, processes, and people in the business. Not to mention the people around you.  

The fastest way to get unstuck is leaning on the experience and knowledge of a mentor or coach. If you would like to speak with a member of the FR team to see how we can help you get unstuck please apply for a FREE 60-minute Discovery Call below.

Author: Nick Berry

Nick Berry is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, and author, with a track record which includes founding and leading numerous companies to success since his first venture in 2002. Nick Berry is the Founder and CEO of Fitness Revolution.

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