The Art of Non-Selling Sales

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What is Non-Selling Sales?

Look…I get it. You didn’t start training clients and then start your own business because you were a great salesperson. If all you liked was selling there are more lucrative careers to pursue. The trouble is you’re selling all day long, in nearly everything you do.

You’re trying to persuade clients to follow your program, make healthy changes and adjust their lifestyle to reach a goal. You’re influencing employees to work hard and help you grow your business. You’re motivating prospects to join your program based on the fact that you believe you are the best solution for them.

Sales isn’t a job anymore. It’s a part of what we all do on a daily basis. Even employees sell their ideas to their boss. That includes getting a raise 😉

Enter non-selling sales—where you aren’t pushing products, cold calling potential prospects or using sneaky tactics to get people to sign on the dotted line.

There are 3 tricks to being great at non-selling sales:

  • Understand what your customer wants.
  • Clearly show them how you can help them reach their goals.
  • Have a great product or service to offer.

Listen Up

To truly be great at non-selling sales you need to listen to what your customers want and need. This means asking the right questions and truly hearing the answers.

Most of the time that means asking multiple follow up questions to their initial answer. It’s rare that you get the full truth on the first try. Your job as the non-selling salesperson is to discover what your customer wants but more importantly why they want it.

Instead of thinking you know the perfect path for your next prospective client, take a few extra minutes to listen to their concerns, talk about their goals, understand their motivation and then provide them with a unique solution.

Don’t mistake unique solution for thinking you have to create something new just for them. Simply communicate what you offer in a way that resonates with them and their needs.

The Courtship

Sales is a lot like dating. You have to build a relationship with the person you are trying to help before you can ask for a big commitment. It’s foolish to think that most people will jump right into a 12-month commitment with you (marriage) before getting to experience a little of what you have to offer (dating).

However, in sales it rarely takes months or years to progress your relationship. In fact, it can happen in an hour or so if you do a great job of listening. Your prospects want to know exactly how you’re going to help them get from Point A to Point B. Point A is where they are now and Point B is their ultimate goal.

Your job as the salesperson is to clearly explain that journey to them in an attractive way. To do this you need to understand what Point A and B are as well as the challenges that you’ll need to overcome along with the prospect.

Asking the right questions early on is how you find that information. Once you have it your job is to tell a story of success to that prospect.

Here are some simple ways to do that:

  • Tell them stories of similar clients you’ve helped and share their success stories with them (before and after pics or case studies are best so the prospect has a visual).
  • Talk about how you will work with them to overcome their biggest obstacles quickly and easily.
  • Take them step-by-step through the changes you’ll make with them and the results they can expect.

When you learn how to tell the story of the prospects success to them, you’ll find that more people are asking you to buy instead of you convincing them it’s what they need.

Back It All Up

Now that you’ve worked with your prospect and used a non-selling sales approach to get them to join your program it’s time to go to work. Use your skills as a coach and trainer to deliver on the results you’ve promised.

Having a great program that fulfills everything you promise will make selling, especially non-selling sales, a lot easier. This is because you’ll truly believe in the program and the benefits it has for those who use it.

Don’t Wait

The next time you’re meeting with a prospect to discuss your programs, take a little time to read this article and use the techniques provided to enhance the buying experience. I bet that you’ll find it more enjoyable for not only the prospect but for you as well.

If you need a little help crafting a complete non-selling sales system for your business, make sure to check out our FR Sales Process Course. You’ll learn the 4 stages of a great sales system and a simple closing system that helps you sell more without discounting your services or hard selling.

Non-Selling Sales

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