The First Step in Fixing Your Gym’s Marketing

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(Last Updated On: March 14, 2024)

“Do you know who I am?”

That’s not just something a movie star says when they get pulled over after a late-night drinking binge…

That’s what your ideal client thinks every time they see one of your marketing messages that don’t mean anything to them. 

That means they delete your email…

Or scroll past your ad…

And worst of all, they brush you off like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Meanwhile, all you know is they’re not responding like you thought they would.  

Why is that?

Because, when it comes to their problems and their pain…


The First Step in Fixing Your Gym’s Marketing

You DO NOT want your ideal client to look like this reading your emails

That means time, money, and opportunities for your business, gone!

When your marketing isn’t working, the most common reason I’ve found is that your message isn’t speaking to the problems your Ideal Client really has. 

That means you don’t know who you’re trying to speak to as well as you think you do.

And that just means your marketing is probably annoying the same people you’re trying to attract. 

That means you’re not getting many leads and the few leads you do get aren’t converting. 

You may be spending lots of time and money on your marketing but if your message isn’t right it won’t matter what you’re doing. 

If this is you, the goal today is to un-suck your marketing.

Many times, just fixing this takes care of it all at once. 

This short video covers:

  •     What an Ideal Client really is (hint: specificity is key)
  •     The mistake many gym owners make when thinking about their Ideal Client
  •     How to create an Ideal Client profile in 3 simple steps so you can better speak to the person you’re trying to reach
  •     The most important thing you need in your marketing message so your Ideal Client feels like you REALLY KNOW THEM.

You can also download a tool below to help you create your Ideal Client Profile

This is simply THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW when creating your marketing message. 

It’s literally the first thing we look for when we start coaching a gym owner. 

Without it you might as well be shouting at the wind.


Creating Your Ideal Client Profile Tool PDF

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