The Perfect Timing: How and When to Ask Your Gym Members for Google Reviews (with Template)

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Google reviews can make or break your gym’s online presence. So you need to have a plan for how and when you ask your gym members for those valuable Google reviews. Let’s dive right into the art of timing and some specific strategies that you can take and use right away to encourage your members to share their experiences and build your online reviews.


Why Google Reviews Matter

First off – why should you prioritize Google reviews? It’s pretty simple: they are usually the first thing prospects see when searching for a local gym. And a positive online reputation when your listing pops up can boost your gym’s credibility, increase your online visibility, and help you stand out from competitors. With that being the case, you need some effective strategies for getting those much-needed Google reviews from your gym members.


1. Post-Workout Moments

The best time to ask for a review is going to be when your members are feeling satisfied with their workout and the services you provide. A perfect example is right after a group class or personal training session.

Step-by-Step Example:

  1. After the workout, approach your members and ask how they enjoyed the session.
  2. Mention that you would appreciate their feedback in the form of a Google review.
  3. Provide them with a simple handout or card containing a QR code or a short link that leads to your gym’s Google review page.
  4. Send a follow-up email or text message within 24 hours, thanking them for attending the session and including the link to leave a review.


2. During Member Appreciation Events

Another great opportunity to ask for Google reviews is during member appreciation events, where your gym members are already in a positive mindset.

Step-by-Step Example:

  1. Plan and host a member appreciation event, such as a holiday party, a summer potluck, or a themed workout party.
  2. During the event, announce your appreciation for the community’s support and ask for their help in growing your gym through Google reviews.
  3. Set up a designated station with a tablet or computer where members can quickly leave their reviews.
  4. After the event, send a follow-up email or text thanking attendees and including the link to your gym’s Google review page.


3. Celebrating Member Achievements

When your members hit milestones or reach their fitness goals, they feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude towards your gym. (You may be asking for a referral at this time too…and if you’re not, you should be:)) This is also a prime time to ask for a Google review.

Step-by-Step Example:

  1. Congratulate your member on their achievement, whether it’s a weight loss milestone, a personal record, or completing a challenging program.
  2. Ask them if they’d be willing to share their success story in a Google review to inspire others and showcase your gym’s impact on their fitness journey.
  3. Provide them with a QR code or a short link that leads to your gym’s Google review page.
  4. Send a personalized email or text message thanking them for their achievement and including the link to leave a review.


Final Thoughts

Asking your gym members for Google reviews doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By identifying the right moments, such as post-workout, during member appreciation events, or when celebrating achievements, you can increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback. And don’t forget that there are multiple WAYS you can ask:

    1. Have some physical ‘Review Request’ cards printed
    2. Send a message (email, text, etc).
    3. Ask in person
    4. Post marketing materials around your facility asking for reviews. If you don’t have a source already, check out Google’s free small business Marketing Materials.

Remember that timing is everything, and a personal touch goes a long way! [And here’s a Google Review Email Template you can use.]


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Author: Nick Berry

Nick Berry is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, and author, with a track record which includes founding and leading numerous companies to success since his first venture in 2002. Nick Berry is the Founder and CEO of Fitness Revolution.

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