The Power of Fitness Internships: A Pathway to Growth and Impact

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Jared Markiewicz, the owner of Functional Integrated Training (F.I.T.) in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, is sharing how he has optimized the potential of fitness internships to not only elevate his business but also significantly contribute to the fitness industry at large.

Fostering a Culture of Personalized Performance

At F.I.T., the focus is on personalized performance training. Jared’s philosophy goes beyond achieving physical goals and involves understanding the deeper motivations behind them. 

“It comes down to them wanting to do or accomplish something with people they love… it’s easy to get excited about those things on a daily basis,” Jared shares. 

This approach has led to industry-leading client retention and a highly motivated coaching staff. By focusing on the intangible motivations that drive their members, F.I.T. has created an environment where both clients and staff find daily inspiration and fulfillment.

The Internship Program: A Foundation for Future Fitness Leaders

Jared’s internship program is an incredible opportunity for aspiring fitness professionals. With a curriculum spread across collegiate  year semesters, the program is meticulously designed to cover everything from communication styles and trust-building to advanced programming. 

Jared’s goal is clear: to equip his interns with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, enabling them to make a significant impact wherever their career takes them.

Building Bridges with Educational Institutions

A pivotal aspect of Jared’s success with the internship program has been his proactive approach to nurturing relationships with local Universities. Through regular engagement with practicum advisors as well as offering to speak at educational events, Jared has positioned F.I.T. as a coveted practicum site for students. This ensures a steady influx of passionate interns, and at the same time it allows F.I.T. to handpick individuals who resonate with their core values and mission.

From Interns to Integral Team Members

The impact of the internship program on F.I.T.’s staffing strategy is profound. Jared proudly shares that 80% of his coaching staff has emerged from the internship program. This organic growth model has allowed F.I.T. to maintain a team that is highly skilled and deeply ingrained in the culture and ethos of the gym. It has also significantly reduced the need for recruitment and hiring, saving time and resources.

A Win-Win for Interns and Clients

The inclusion of interns in the day-to-day operations of the gym has been met with enthusiasm from F.I.T.’s clientele. Clients appreciate the additional attention and support, viewing the interns as a value-added element of their fitness journey. This dynamic also fosters a sense of community and collective growth, reinforcing the trust and loyalty between clients and the gym.

Embracing the Internship Model: Key Takeaways

For fitness business owners contemplating starting or improving an internship program, Jared’s experience offers invaluable insights:

– “Develop a comprehensive, structured curriculum that prepares interns for real-world challenges,” Jared advises.

– Actively seek and nurture relationships with educational institutions to ensure a quality pool of candidates.

– View the internship program as an investment in the future of the fitness industry and your business.

– Be prepared to devote time and resources to the program, recognizing its potential to streamline staffing and enhance service quality.

The internship program at F.I.T. stands as a testament to the transformative power of investing in the next generation of fitness professionals. By providing a platform for growth, learning, and professional development, Jared Markiewicz has elevated his business and contributed to the broader mission of improving health and fitness across communities.

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