Transforming Personal Training With a New Approach

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Personal trainers like Izzy Libmann-McCauley are at the forefront of change, reshaping the industry with innovative approaches. In a candid conversation with Kelly Berry, VP of Operations at Fitness Revolution, Izzy, the owner of IzzyFit Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching and TruFit Personal Training, shares her successful  2-on-1 personal training business model that has not only transformed her clients’ experiences but has also revolutionized her professional life.


Challenging Conventional Personal Training Models

Traditional one-on-one personal training sessions have long been the norm, but Izzy has dared to challenge this. “When I started personal training, I modeled it, really how I was trained by my personal trainers,” Izzy states. However, recognizing the limitations in time and potential income, she ventured into training two clients at once without compromising the personalized nature of her sessions. “You see a person for a consultation, you see how they move, you create a program for them… Then you have the clients with these two programs… And you just teach them how to do the movement,” she explains.


Community and Accountability: The Heart of Fitness Success

The beauty of Izzy’s model lies in its ability to foster community and accountability. When clients train together, they become each other’s cheerleaders, driving each other to reach new heights. As Pamela MacElree, Izzy’s Success Coach, highlights, “When you’re trying to create a community of people that feel empowered… that second person helps you do that.”


Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Many personal trainers grapple with the limiting belief that one-on-one training is the only way to deliver quality service. Izzy’s success debunks this myth, demonstrating that training sessions can be equally effective. She also dispels the notion that trainers must discount their rates for 2-on-1 personal training, maintaining her standard rates and asserting the value of her service.


The Power of Client Empowerment

An unexpected benefit of this training model is client empowerment. Izzy’s clients learn the language of fitness, allowing them to confidently perform exercises on their own. “They are able to take their programs and understand how they’re created,” Izzy shares, underscoring the lasting impact of her training approach.


Achieving Work-Life Harmony

One of the most striking aspects of Izzy’s model is how it has improved her work-life balance. “I don’t work evenings, I don’t work Wednesday, so I work four mornings a week, and I have basically a full client load,” she reveals. This sustainable income model has enabled her to enjoy her life outside the gym without sacrificing her business’s success.


Client Selection and Ethical Referrals

Izzy is mindful that her approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. She understands the importance of selecting the right clients for her model and doesn’t hesitate to refer those who require more focused, rehab-oriented training to other trainers. This ethical practice benefits everyone involved and solidifies her reputation as a caring and professional trainer.

Actionable Takeaways:

Expand Your Offerings: Explore  2-on-1 personal training to maximize time and income.
Cultivate a Supportive Environment: Leverage the power of community to enhance motivation and accountability.
Hold Your Ground on Rates: Don’t fall for the discount trap; your expertise is worth every penny.
Empower Clients for Long-Term Success: Educate clients to be self-sufficient in their fitness routines.
Balance is Key: Strategize your business model to support a healthy work-life balance.
Client First: Recognize when to refer out for the client’s best interest.
Confidence is Contagious: Present your training model with belief and enthusiasm.

Izzy’s innovative personal training business model is a testament to what can be achieved when trainers are willing to step outside the box. By challenging traditional practices, fostering community, and placing equal emphasis on the well-being of her clients and her own, Izzy has crafted a thriving, sustainable business that redefines what personal training can be.

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Author: Kelly Berry

Kelly Berry is a strategic business leader and business coach known for her operational excellence, ability to drive growth and results across multiple industries. Kelly is the VP of Operations for Fitness Revolution. She is also a podcaster and host of her Life Intended podcast.

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