What is Business Coaching and Do You Need It?

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Do You Need Business Coaching?

People get in shape without the help of a fitness trainer or coach all the time. So why in the world do they need to hire you to help them?

There’s lots of information out there to guide them on nutrition, training, recovery and mindset. You are hired because clients know the chances of success increase greatly with the help of an expert. They get faster, better, longer-lasting results with you.

Business coaches are like trainers for your business. At least the good ones are…

But you shouldn’t look for just any business coach! The same way you wouldn’t advise clients to hire just any trainer to help them. You want to hire a great business coach!

What is GREAT Business Coaching?

The first thing you need to recognize is that business coaching is a lot more than just fitness business marketing tactics. There are lots of people out there who are promoting themselves as business coaches who are nothing more than marketing specialists.

They can help you with a few lead generation campaigns and give you some tips to sell better, but when it comes to helping you become a better business owner, that won’t cut it!

Here are some of the characteristics of a great business coach:

1. They utilize a system.

Would you hire a trainer who does random workouts with a client?

The business coach who shows up to your coaching session with no plan and has no system is doing the same thing for your business. It’s a very undisciplined way to coach someone and help them reach their goals.

A great business coach has a system and structure for you to follow. Typically that will be a call or meeting schedule, an agenda for those meetings, tracking and follow up.

This doesn’t mean that they simply hand you a business system to blindly implement in your business. A great business coach’s true value is in helping you develop as a business owner. It’s the difference in giving you a fish or teaching you how to fish.

2. They give it to you straight.

As a business owner there aren’t many people that will speak to you honestly and ask you the tough questions. That’s what your business coach is there to do!

There is no sugar coating, covering up or avoiding the challenging issues with a great business coach. You want your coach to be truthful with you and give a real assessment of the situation.

3. They support you when you need it.

While coaching isn’t therapy, a great business coach will recognize when you’re frustrated, stressed or just plain exhausted and help you find ways to re-energize. Often times this happens before you see it yourself.

A great business coach will know when it’s time to slow down instead of speed up. It’s funny though. When that happens a lot of times you have your biggest breakthroughs!

4. They don’t give you all the answers.

Your business coach isn’t there to always provide you with the answer. They are there to ask you questions and help you discover how to create the solution for yourself.

Would you rather educate your clients on nutrition habits and principles or give them a meal plan every week to follow forever?

Clients who understand how to control their nutrition have more success and are better long-term clients. The same for business owners. A great business coach can teach you how to think like a high-performing business owner.

Give a fish, teach to fish 😉

5. They hold you accountable and keep you focused.

A business coach doesn’t do the work for you. They help you lay out a plan and make sure you execute it. The best thing a business coach can do for an aspiring high-performing business owner is keep you focused on the importance of the plan and hold you accountable to getting it done.

It’s easy as a business owner to jump from one idea to the next and never get anything done! A great coach won’t throw more random ideas at you each time you meet. They ensure you’re on pace to hit your goals by sticking to the plan.

6. They show you your blind spots.

There are things you just don’t know about running a great business. And you shouldn’t know them. You don’t have the experience.

A great business coach will help you see the blind spots in your business. They will be able to use their experience, both personal and from the other clients they work with, to help you avoid a lot of mistakes.

We all have areas that leave us vulnerable and exposed, personally and in business. Your coach should help identify those and create a plan with you to fix them.

What Does a Business Coach Help You Do?

A business coach, at least a great one, will help you move towards your goals faster. And with a coach you’ll be able to see exponential growth in your business.

The path you are on now with your business isn’t the path you need to be on if you want to exceed all your goals and have a high-performing business. A business coach helps you create a plan that will help you exceed all of your goals and make your biggest dreams a reality.

It’s about helping you become a high-performing business owner so that you can run a high-performing business.

A great business coach helps you with your own personal development, not just improving marketing and sales. It’s impossible to disconnect your personal goals with the goals of the business. A great business coach will ensure that those goals are aligned and help you truly realize why they are important to you.

Why would you want to build a business that forces you to work even more hours and adds more stress to your life?

Do You Need a Business Coach?

It’s not really about need…everyone needs a business coach, but not every business owner is ready for one.

You have to want to be coached.

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have big goals and dreams for myself and my business?
  2. Am I frustrated with my progress or feel like I could move faster?
  3. Do I feel overwhelmed in my business?
  4. Do I have tons of books, products, videos, etc. on business but can’t figure out what to implement next? Or worse, do I never implement any of it?
  5. Am I open to being coached and learning how to be a better business owner?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you’re ready for a business coach.

If you found yourself saying “Yes! That describes me exactly!” then you are absolutely ready for a coach.

The next step is to schedule a time to simply have a conversation and find out how we can help you and if we’re a good fit. This is what we do. So if you’re ready to move past these obstacles, you’re in the right place.

Author: Nick Berry

Nick Berry is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, and author, with a track record which includes founding and leading numerous companies to success since his first venture in 2002. Nick Berry is the Founder and CEO of Fitness Revolution.

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