Business Breakthrough Mastermind 

All Spots For The Event Are Taken! Please watch for future openings.

Discover How You Can Attend This Exclusive 1-Day Mastermind Event For Business Owners That Are Ready To Rapidly Grow Their Business!

FROM: Ryan Ketchum

DATE: June 29, 2022

At Fitness Revolution we love coaching top level business owners. But, until recently we chose to close our mastermind coaching days to our highest level coaching clients so we could focus our energy on helping them find massive success.

The results and breakthroughs we see from our coaching clients at these events was too good to keep from high performing business owners like you.

So, we decided to open up a few exclusive spots each time we host a mastermind event to high performing business owners or aspiring high performers.

If you are a fitness entrepreneur that’s serious about creating an amazing business that gives you more fulfillment, creates more freedom and makes you more money this could be for you!

But, there’s a catch...

This mastermind meeting is ONLY for motivated fitness business owners that can deliver the goods.

If you’re not currently in business or you’re only in this because you think running a fitness business is easy money we’re NOT the place for you.

We only work with quality trainers and business owners that are running training facilities and boot camps that deliver incredible results and add value to their clients and community.


A Different Approach To Masterminds

We’ve run some of the best mastermind programs in the industry for over 8 years. We’ve had some of the best of the best in our groups, including many that are running their own coaching programs now.  

But, we also realized that there’s a better approach to coaching or running a mastermind than simply having 20, 30 or even 40 people show up for a weekend meeting a few times a year and bounce some ideas around.  

We take a much more strategic and planned approach to helping you achieve your biggest business breakthroughs ever.

Here’s how:

  • Our coach to client ratio at a meeting is 1:6 so that you know you’ll be getting a lot of 1-1 attention and you won’t be lost in the mix or just thrown in a large group of the ‘cool kids’ with no hope of fitting in quickly
  • We help you prepare your biggest business issues PRIOR to the meeting so that you have a plan of attack and an outcome in mind when you get there. This increase your chances of having a breakthrough moment and not getting lost in a long list of things you want to fix or ideas.
  • We’ll talk about more than just marketing and sales. You’ll discover how to optimize your business systems, plan for your future growth, maximize your profits and grow your team so you have a better overall business not just a big business with lots of problems.
  • You’ll be guaranteed an individual focus session to hone in on your breakthrough with the Coaches and your peers in the group. The experience and insight you’ll get while you’re in the ‘hot seat’ will produce the ideas and plans for your business breakthrough.
  • You’ll be provided with the tools and resources that will help you capture your breakthrough moments and all the ideas from the meeting along with creating a specific 90-Day Plan to help you accomplish those goals.

Our system is build around helping you build a great business!

Workshop Agenda

Breakthrough Moments

“Once I attended my first live meeting in January of this year, things definitely changed for me in a big way. Meeting other fit pros just like me that had similar backgrounds, similar problems, similar goals, really helped me feel like I was part of a team.”

-Mark Greenwood, Ultimate  Wellness

“We participated in a sales training that has proven to be one of our leading reasons for growth and high closing rates.”

-Chris Rhoades, Renegade Fitness

“I not only got what I came for, I got a refresher course on follow-up and client service! The result?  In the first week after I got back I went 8 for 10 on the first day in closing and sold 10 new clients total!  I added over $10,000 in sales in the first days after I returned from the meeting!  We did over $20,000 in total revenue for only the second month in the last 12 and are well on our way to a $25,000 month this month..”

-Phil Hueston, All Star Sports Academy

Here's What You'll Get...

Mastermind Meeting

Your spot will be reserved at our exclusive, closed door mastermind meeting where you’ll have access to Success Coaches and a group of your peers to help you find your business breakthrough. During the meeting you’re guaranteed an individual focus session where the entire group will focus on helping you refine your systems, improve your marketing and make more money for your business. These sessions have produced breakthroughs that have helped trainers add thousands to their bottom line, create more time for vacations, maximize their marketing and much more!

30-Minute 1-1 Breakthrough Call

You and I will hop on the phone for a 30-minute breakthrough coaching call prior to the meeting to not only help you prepare to get the most out of the meeting but also to get the ball rolling on your business breakthrough.   We’ll review your current business, talk about your marketing, review your sales process and find opportunities for massive growth that you never knew existed.    This call alone is worth the investment of the Business Breakthrough Day.

Business Breakthrough Mastermind Course

Get access to our tools and resources designed specifically to help you organize your thoughts, prep for the meeting and create your business breakthrough plans.

If you’re a personal trainer, studio owner or boot camp owner and need some help creating systems for your business, boosting your marketing, maximizing your profits and building an amazing business this Business Breakthrough Mastermind will help.

Having a coach and group of peers to help you fast track the growth of your fitness business is what separates the top performing, super successful business owners from the rest.

You can discover that one big idea, create a rock solid business growth plan or learn how to create a marketing machine by using our systems in this Business Breakthrough Mastermind event.

It could be the difference in you seeing the results you want in weeks instead of struggling and fighting the frustrations that many business owners face for years.

Recently, at one of these mastermind events we helped a coaching client create a plan to grow his business by 400%, adding over 50 new clients to his business in just 90 days and leave his full time job to focus on his business.

We’ll be able to help you discover the Business Breakthrough you’ve been looking for in a matter of hours so that you can grow your business faster than ever without having to deal with the frustrations and burnout.

This your opportunity to accelerate towards your business goals and finally have the business you’ve always wanted.

Secure Your Spot Today

Due to the intense nature of these events and our commitment to providing you with 1-1 coaching and attention you need to create a massive business breakthrough we can only accept TWO new business owners for each mastermind.

If you’re a personal trainer, studio owner, or boot camp owner that’s committed to being coached, learning top marketing, sales, and business systems, and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION after the meeting to make your breakthrough a reality then secure your spot today!

There is only ONE MORE Business Breakthrough Mastermind Event in 2016 and it's on September 30th in Concord, New Hampshire.  Lock up your spot today!

Just $299 

Event Dates: September 30th, 2016

Location: Get Fit New Hampshire - Concord, New Hampshire

Times: 9am-5pm

Business Breakthrough Mastermind

10X Guarantee

If you don’t have a business breakthrough moment and don’t feel that the ideas you get at this event are worth at least 10X your investment I’ll gladly provide you with a refund.

Actually, I’ll take that one step further if after the mastermind event you don’t think you’ll be able to get at least 10X your $299 investment back from what you’ve learned and the plan we help you create I’ll give you a refund of 200% so that it can cover your travel costs.

Just come up to me at any time during the day and let me know that you’re not happy and I make sure you get your refund on the spot.

Select Your 1 Day Business Breakthrough Mastermind

Reserve your spot at any of your upcoming Mastermind events for just $299. Spots are limited and will go fast!

You can either keep doing the same old things and trying to change your business or you can learn from experienced coaches, surround yourself with top performing business owners and accelerate your path to success.

The choice is yours….

Event Dates: September 30th, 2016

Location: Get Fit New Hampshire - Concord, New Hampshire

Times: 9am-5pm


Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where are the masterminds? +

We host several mastermind meetings at the Fitness REvolution HQ in The Lab located in Elizabethtown, Ky. It’s a short drive from the Louisville Airport and easily accessible.

You also have the option of selecting a meeting date at one of our regional locations hosted at some of our coaching client’s facilities.

What’s the cancellation policy? +

You can get a full refund for your registration fees if you cancel via email to up to 14 days prior to the event.  After this deadline no refunds will be provided.  

You can transfer your registration fee for another mastermind date.


Is there a guarantee? +

Yes, all of our offerings are backed by our 10x Guarantee. If you attend this event and don’t feel that you can get at least 10x your investment back from it simply let us know and we’ll refund every penny.

What airports are closest? +

We will provide recommendations for each location after you register for the event.

Where should I stay if I am travelling overnight? +

We’ll provide you with hotel recommendations and discount room blocks when available after you register for your mastermind day.

Can my business partner come with me? +

Due to the limited number of spots for each mastermind meeting there is only 1 representative allowed for each business.  

What is the schedule for the day? +

9am - Introductions & Objectives for the Day

9:30am -11:30am  Individual Focus Sessions

11:30am - 12pm Catered Lunch

12pm-4:30pm  Individual Focus Sessions

4:30-5:00pm Recap

I’m just starting my business is this mastermind event right for me? +

If you’re committed to running a high performing business that delivers incredible results and maximum client value then you’ll get a lot of out the mastermind.

If you’re not yet open or just thinking about starting this won’t be a good fit.

Will food be served? +

We will cater in lunch for the day so that you can have a working lunch and we get the absolute most out of each day. Breakfast will be on your own and most of the time we gather together for dinner.

What should I bring with me? +

It’s best to come prepared with a notepad, pen or pencil, snacks, and any beverages other than water that you will need for the day.  It's handy to have a binder to keep all your resources in as well.

We’ll provide you with any other prep material ahead of time and have anything else required provided by our team at the event.

Is there a dress code? +

Dress comfortably. Some of our attendees will wear business casual, other's jeans and some workout gear.


Only 2 Spots Available At Each Location...ACT NOW!!


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Business Breakthrough Mastermind
Business Breakthrough Mastermind
Business Breakthrough Mastermind
Business Breakthrough Mastermind
Business Breakthrough Mastermind
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Business Breakthrough Mastermind
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