Business Coaching for Gym Owners

If you’re tired of struggling to grow your fitness business…
Let us train you to become a successful fitness business entrepreneur

When you started your Fitness Business did you dream of the business you have now?

Are you running your dream business?

It seems like no matter how hard you try, you can’t figure out how to get there. You started this business to help people. It was supposed to give you financial freedom. If you feel like your fitness business has got your back against the wall…

There’s a reason…

You deserve and are capable of running your dream fitness business.

But you’ve been trained as a personal trainer not a business owner. It’s simple. You’ve been trying to create your dream business without the tools and training to do it. That’s like trying to lose weight when you don’t know how.

To create your dream fitness business without the proper training and support is almost impossible.

Running your own business

Discover how The Fitness Business Alignment System™ has helped thousands of Gym Owners turn their Gyms into Profit Producing Assets.

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How it works

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The Fitness Business Owner’s Journey:
There are 5 stages that every fitness business owner goes through as they build their fitness business. We have identified the biggest obstacles in each stage and created the solutions. Knowing where you are and what to do next is the key to success. No more guessing, we did the hard work, just follow this step-by-step journey to fitness business success.

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The Academy:
The Academy is the core of the Fitness Business Alignment System”‘. It contains over 100 modules on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Business Strategy. Expand your knowledge with masterclasses, videos, and comprehensive assessments to help you reach mastery in every aspect of your business. It’s like an MBA but specifically designed for fitness businesses. Take lessons, one at a time, and apply them in your business to get results immediately.

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Fitness Business Coaching:
Our highly trained fitness business coaches have helped thousands of other fitness business owners create their dream businesses. You and your coach will design an actionable growth plan based on your personal goals and current obstacles. The plan will be complete with learning materials from our Academy. They will give you actions that you can take immediately to increase revenue and get more clients. Most importantly, they will help you stay away from bad habits that have sabotaged your success in the past. We have both group and 1-1 coaching available.

Systemize your Business with The High Performance Coaching Program

In the High Performance Coaching Program, you will work with a dedicated success coach that guides you through every step of creating a successful fitness business.

Over the course of 12 months, you will be educated and empowered in every aspect of your fitness business: Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy, Operations, and Finance. This will give you the tools and accountability to build the fitness business that you imagined when you first started this journey.

By joining this program, you will become a successful fitness business entrepreneur that has the confidence to make the right decisions and the ability to endure “failure” on the path to success.

For over 15 years, Fitness Revolution has supported and coached thousands of gym owners worldwide in becoming successful fitness entrepreneurs. No matter what obstacles you face today, or how many times you may think you’ve failed, we know how to train you to build a healthy gym community that puts more money in your pocket.

Systemize your Business with The High Performance Coaching Program

How the Program works

High Performance Coaching Program (HPCP) is our premiere program that will help you turn your business into a stable profit producing asset. You will get a dedicated success coach, a proven system, and a step-by-step success path for you to follow. Month after month you will get one-on-one live coaching sessions and support from your coach. You’ll learn exactly how to determine your programs and prices, create your marketing calendar, attract better clients, hire and manage your staff, and everything else that goes into building a business that you’re proud of.

You’ll learn exactly how to determine your programs and prices, create your marketing calendar, attract better clients, hire and manage your staff, and everything else that goes into building a business that you’re proud of.

What you get:

  • 1-on-1 Onboarding Session
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Ready-to-use Marketing & Business Blueprints
  • Access to The Fitness Business Alignment System™ Toolbox
  • Fully Trade-Marked Branding Package
  • Instant access to our private community
  • Eligibility to join our High Performance Master Mind

Get Access to The Academy:

  • Virtual Business Breakthroughs: A 4-week course on how to build your virtual business.
  • Fitness Business Mastery: A 3-Module Masterclass Series in Marketing, Sales, and Business
  • Core System Curriculum: Get everything you need to build out your core system in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Business
  • Fitness Business Accelerator: 8 Specialized training sessions to create a high-performing business
  • And so much more…

(We are always growing our library of courses as we encounter new challenges for fitness business owners.)

When will I see Results?

Get results immediately. Most gym owners we work with get results after the first coaching session. How? Once you’ve partnered with your coach, you will immediately dive into your biggest challenges and create an actionable plan to start making the changes you need.

You’ve felt this before. When you get everything out of your head and start moving on a project you feel relieved. But the difference here is that your coach has helped countless other gym owners out of the same position. So they will give you a plan that will actually work. Of course, longer-term goals will take time to achieve. But your coach will help you stay focused, accountable, and excited about your future.

Target Results

How do I get started?

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Schedule a
Strategy Session

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In the session, you and one of our success coaches will identify your biggest obstacle and create an action plan to overcome it.

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Learn about which coaching program is right for you. Don’t worry, you’re always free to choose without any high-pressure sales tactics.

Fitness Revolution Promise:

“If you don’t get results then you don’t pay!”

We know that you’ve been trying to grow your fitness business to attain financial freedom. And it just hasn’t happened yet. But it’s not your fault. Chances are you didn’t have the support you needed or the support you got just wasn’t good enough.

But, you can relax now because we can help you achieve your goals. We believe in what we do so much that we guarantee results. So, if during your first 30 days, you aren’t satisfied or seeing the results then you don’t pay. Simply let your coach know that you aren’t happy and we’ll either:

1. Coach you for FREE for another 30 days to fix the problem

2. Refund all fees paid

Simply put, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the program, then you don’t pay a single penny. That’s our promise!

Fitness Revolution Promise

What do I do now?

You have two choices. One is to continue down the same old road. Continue the constant struggle of getting new clients and trying different tactics you found online but not quite getting the results you want.

Or you can try a new path. You will have a coach to support you in getting your messaging right so you have clients begging to sign up. You will get to use a proven system so there is no more confusion. All you need to do is follow the path that is set out for you. You’ll have more than enough money coming in so that you can enjoy running your business with peace of mind.

Schedule a Strategy Session below and start on a new path to creating a profitable and sustainable business that you love.

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