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How did FR help?

Take a look at the great things our clients have to say about FR. Learn how they implemented our systems and were able to grow their businesses.

Low an behold, with the coaches’ guidance, I was suddenly pulling some 5-figure months and reached my financial goals at the end of the year, raising my gross revenue by 50% from 2013 to 2014.
Our monthly numbers jumped by 25% the first and second month after joining Accelerator and we are on pace this month to have our best month yet, despite it being the middle of summer!
After working with Fitness Revolution I realized that there are a ton of people out there like me and dealing with the same challenges. They made it easier and simpler to find the approach and systems to put in play to become a business owner. 
Fitness Revolution has helped us perfect our brand messaging and helped us focus our marketing efforts. They’ve also revamped our pricing structure to help with business growth.  Now we are seeing steady growth in the business. 
Since working with FR I doubled my business in the first few months. That allowed me to leave my job and go full time into my business. I love what I do now! I have a blast going to work every day, working with my team and without the tools I get from FR I’m sure I wouldn’t feel that way.
They made it easier and simpler to find the approach and systems to put in place to become a business owner.  One of my jobs as a trainer is to support and hold my clients accountable to grow each day.  That’s exactly what FR does for me.