Doubled his clients and increased revenue by 30%

Case Study Summary:

Name: Cory Cripe

Location: USA, Wisconsin

Gym: Fitness Lying Down

Problem: Cory had a bad case of shiny object syndrome and was struggling to stay focused to grow his gym.

Success:Through our fitness business coaching, Cory was able to get focused on his most important goals and increase his revenue by 30% and double his clients.

One Coaching Session Replaced Fear & Anxiety with Confidence & Direction

Case Study Summary:

Name: Paul Magsombol

Location: USA, Illinois

Gym: Tenacity Performance

Problem: Paul started his year with a feeling of anxiety and uncertainty about how to grow his business.

Success: Paul left his first coaching session full of confidence and ready to take on a new year now that he’s set clear goals that align with his long-term vision.

How this Gym Owner “Saved” her Fitness Business

Case Study Summary:

Name: Raeanne Niemer

Location: USA, Michigan

Gym: Get EmPowered Fitness Studio

Problem: Raeanne was working 70+ hours a week, vastly undercharging, and didn’t know how to step into the shoes of business owner or manage her team. She was drained, resigned, and ready to quit fitness altogether.

Success: Now she has significantly increased her monthly revenue by raising her rates and adding more clients. She’s working less and feels in control with a pathway to continue growing her business. Plus, her joy and excitement for her passion is back.

Orange Theory Employee Gets Focused and Grows her Own Gym

Case Study Summary:

Name: Alejandra Espinoza

Location: Oakland, California

Gym: Steadfast Fitness

Problem: Felt stuck as an employee and didn’t know how to make the transition into full-time fitness solopreneur.

Success: Learned how to focus on how to get the most return on her energy and grow faster and easier than she ever expected.

Systems & Accountability is the Key to Growth

Case Study Summary:

Name: Ken Easter

Location: USA, California

Gym: FitTRAC Coaching

Problem: Their growth was hindered because they didn’t have a reliable system for training and accountability.

Success: Creating systems and guidance allowed FitTRAC to strengthen their leadership and make decisions that served their business

Work Less & Make More: 3x Revenue and 10x Autopay

Case Study Summary:

Name: JP Mikhael

Location: USA, Connecticut

Gym: Results Fitness

Problem: Owned a “job” not a business and wasn’t seeing any growth.

Success: Tripled his yearly revenue, opened a second location, and 10xed his autopay which was around 4k a month when he started.

Client Results

Zach Byler

“This is a one of a kind sales training experience for fitness professionals that want to make their sales meetings more predictable and profitable. In this sales training, you are going to learn how to have better sales meeting, and you are going to learn to be a sales person. The added bonus is that this system taught by the fitness business professionals at FR will be yours to teach to your own sales staff. This is the kind of system that can change culture in your gym because the way you sell at the first meeting sets the expectations for the service delivery at every meeting afterward.”

Byler Elite Strength Training – Warren OH

Client Results

Mitch Rothbardt

“Before this I would always dread sales conversations, feeling like I had to be pushy, or something like that. This process helped me understand that I’m not just selling them something, I’m helping them. It also organized everything in a way that helped me make sure I really knew the prospect before they even joined my gym, so I knew exactly how to help them right away.”

Castro Valley Fitness – Castro Valley, CA

Client Results

Karen Endres

“I found Fitness Revolution at just the right time to reinvent and rejuvenate my fitness business. Early in 2020, I was at a crossroads to commit to grow my fitness business or find outside employment… When COVID-19 hit… I was frustrated on how to move forward. What technology did I need, what format, what pricing and the list went on and on.

From my first meeting with a coach I knew I needed Fitness Revolution to help take my business to the next level. I needed ideas, motivation and how to operate under the ever changing conditions of a pandemic.

They also have great business systems in place so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I needed someone to keep me on track and accountable as I created my new business model.

As everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, I felt like being a small business owner, the burden was great to try to figure out how to keep my revenue stream to support my family. I lost the workout facility I was renting due to closures and needed a plan B and quick. The support of my FR Coach and by attending any webinar that FR offered was great to keep me motivated… I still feel overwhelmed at times because as many I was looking for that new normal and the conditions just kept on changing so now I have others to lean on to bounce ideas off, learn better systems and just connect with knowing we are all in this together.

My revenue has stabilized and is currently above my November and December 2019 monthly profit.

I am no longer looking to get out of the fitness business because I know I have a partner to help me with whatever challenge might come my way. I love helping people stay fit and healthy so they can do the things they love and feel good about themselves.

Asa has been a great coach and the team at Fitness Revolution puts together good programs that focus on business systems and our current situation. She is always encouraging me to continue to keep pushing forward and set goals and reach for them. I know she believes in me and some days that is all any of us need to get better at what we do.”

Inspire 4 Fitness, Waunakee, WI

Client Results

Anna Woods

“My struggle was staying on task with one project at a time, and focusing on finishing it. Not chasing every shiny new object. I was frustrated with trying to get a lot of things done, by myself, and not having success with hiring virtual assistants, marketing people, secretaries–only feeling like I was spending money with no ROI.

I was under a lot of stress, trying to do it all.

It helps to have a coach to check in with bi-monthly to help keep me on track, help me set-up systems to alleviate my time and stress, and to give me advice on what to pursue and what not to.”


Client Results

Adam Farrell

“I had no idea how to run a fitness business. NO IDEA!

I didn’t know that I needed marketing. With FR’s coaching I went from having zero business knowledge to having a staff of 6 and grossing close to $25K per month. They have also helped me transition to a smaller more manageable business that better fits my lifestyle and family needs now.

I would recommend any fitness business owner to invest their time and revenue with FR. They are quality people who care about their clients. We are not just numbers to them but more of a family.”

Pinnacle Performance & Fitness, Corpus Christi, TX

Client Results

Jonathan Price

“Before starting with FR, I was a burned out, frustrated fitness business owner. Our brick and mortar location had been open for 5 months and felt like I was still just an independent trainer, but with quadruple the overhead.

Fast forward about 3 years and we’ve over doubled our space, are doing 5x the revenue each month from when I started, have 4 other trainers on staff and had my best year ever in 2020.”

Nourished Performance – Gardnerville NV

Client Results

Joe Rouse

“Before FR, I didn’t know what to do in my business or when to do it for future growth. I wasn’t building my business like a business. Since working with FR, I doubled my business in the first few months. That allowed me to leave my job and go full time into my business.

 I think that having a mentor and a support system has been pivotal in my business. I honestly don’t think my business would be operating the way that it is now had I not had that mentorship right from the start. As a business owner, for me at least, that saying that says “it’s very lonely at the top” is true.  Really, really lonely. And when you go through something like COVID, it’s particularly lonely. And you’ve got to have somebody to talk to who understands what you’re going through. Not everybody that’s around you in your life has an entrepreneurial mindset, or even a business or management mindset. You need to surround yourself with people that have that. That doesn’t mean that they have the same thoughts or the same opinions, but at least just a mindset of growth and owning something and being held accountable for it and wanting to take care of it and watch it grow. I think I was lucky to have the coaching that I had from the beginning. You don’t see highly successful people, high performers that do it by themselves. You have to surround yourself with other high performers because it’s important to get different perspectives on problems that you’re experiencing, or different situations that you’re going through, and help you keep in the right framework in the right, because there’s going to be days when you’re down and being around high performers, obviously, it’s gonna naturally lift you up versus just continuing to be by yourself and prolong that negative state. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re new, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.”

Breakaway Fitness & Performance – Hampstead NC and Sneads Ferry, NC

Client Results

Ryan Carver

“I’ve only gotten where I currently am, and where I’m going from standing on the shoulders of my coach and FR. I’ve been able to elevate and replicate every aspect of my career, my business, and my success: from lead generation, marketing messages, finances, hiring, & management. I am 100% confident that I’m only in business today because of following the advice and success systems I received before the Covid-19 crisis.”

Leverage Fitness, South Jordan, UT

Client Results

Michael Rosidor

“Finding Fitness Revolution and starting their High-Performance Fitness Business Coaching Program was the beginning of my transformation!  I got so much more out of the business coaching program than I could have ever imagined. I have come away with not only the knowledge and skills required to build a high-performance fitness business, but knowledge of so many tools to assist in streamlining processes for my business, SEO, analytics information, pricing restructures, website development advice and the list just goes on. Most importantly, I came away discovering my calling as a professional coach/entrepreneur. Discovering my calling turned out to be the solution to the self -doubt, anxiety, depression, and lack of direction in life.

With my coach’s guidance, access to High-Performance Coaching Program education and resources as well as the opportunity to communicate with other peers in the High-Performance Coaching Program that are all on the same mission, my wife and I realized our dream of opening our own personal training facility in the midst of a pandemic. I can’t recommend the High-Performance Coaching Program program enough.

My confidence is at an all-time high. I have, and will continue to master the necessary skills, discipline my mind, and transform myself into an independent thinker, prepared for whatever challenges that I’ll face in life! Mastery has become my way of life and how I see the world.

Thanks to my coach and the Fitness Revolution Team, I now have clarity of my mission and a fulfilling career!”

Strong Bodiez, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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