Growing Your Core Offer With a Powerful Front-End Offer

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Growing Your Core Offer With a Powerful Front-End Offer


A strong Front End Offer can help grow your Core Offer quickly. Not only will it speak directly to the needs and desires of your Ideal Client, but it will allow anyone on the fence about joining your program to test drive the experience.

Remember, the objective of your Front End Offer is to provide a positive experience for your Ideal Client. In order to do so it must:

  • Have a low barrier to entry (it doesn’t have to be free)
  • Provide a quick result or solution
  • Not undervalue your Core Offer

Your Front End Offer should help your Ideal Client start seeing the results they typically want. It can be positioned as a Jump Start, Test Drive or Kick Start program. You want to give the impression right away that it’s the start of the program, not one that will give them the end result. 


Using a Fat Loss Jump Start, Tone Up Test Drive or Fitness Kick Start program will help you bring in more potential clients. Typically you want to run these for 14 days in a group training business and 7 Days or less for a personal training business. Providing 2-3 sessions per week for these programs allows the potential new client to experience enough of what you have and see some tangible results.


You want a strong, marketable name for the program.  To do that,  call out the result in the name, so it will stand out in your marketing a bit more than a generic Jump Start. You’ll create a ‘hook’ or tagline for the program that really catches the attention of your Ideal Client. 


To create the hook or tagline of your Front End Offer you can use this formula:




Here is an example:

“Drop 2 Inches In 14 Days Without Dieting”


For extra credit list out the top 3-5 benefits the client will experience in this time such as:

  1. Increase your confidence
  2. Develop new strength
  3. Tone up your trouble spots
  4. Discover how to eat right without starving yourself

These can be used in your marketing and the copy to promote the Front End Offer.


With so many options for your Ideal Client to choose from to help them reach their fitness goals it’s important that you are able to attract them with a strong, appealing Front End Offer. Growing a fitness business is tough work, but with the right Front End Offer you’ll get more clients quickly.


Growing Your Core Offer With a Powerful Front-End Offer I’m here to help. If your Front End Offer isn’t converting as many people to your Core Offer as you think it should, or if you are trying to create your Front End Offer, let’s talk.  Schedule a Session with me and I’ll go through it with you and see what we can find.


Growing Your Core Offer With a Powerful Front-End Offer We’re dialing in Front End Offers and marketing funnels every day with gym owners in our Fitness Business Mastery FB group.  It’s free and it’s a good way for you to see what we’re about.


Justin Hanover
Success Coach, Fitness Revolution

Growing Your Core Offer With a Powerful Front-End Offer

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