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These 3-Steps Will Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

It’s funny how fast things have changed in the fitness world. Around 10 years ago when I started my career in the industry, you had to actually physically talk to people if you wanted to market and introduce them to your services. 

Now, you can access tens of thousands of people for a few bucks if you know how to utilize social media and their paid advertising channels. You can literally start a business overnight and attract clients. (That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!)

On one hand, it’s been an amazing asset for great trainers to leverage their time and grow their businesses. On the other, it’s a bit sad that much of the nurturing and engagement with potential clients has fallen by the wayside. 

It seems that most business owners are interested in simply running a Facebook ad, pulling in some leads, selling them on a program, and then trying to get them to stay.

Sure, it works—for a little while. But there is a better way!

Facebook, social media, and technology should amplify your in-person marketing and nurturing efforts, not replace them. Here are a few quick tips to help you amplify your marketing strategies by bringing back personal communication with your leads.

Facebook, social media, and technology should amplify your in-person marketing and nurturing efforts, not replace them.

Amplifier #1

The first thing you should do to amplify your marketing is to create some type of opt-in or offer that is targeted at your Ideal Client. If you are actively using the Fitness Business Alignment System™, then you will be able to use our Creating Your Ideal Client™ tool to help you out. 

The goal of your offer, which should be free most of the time, is to draw the attention of the people you want to help. Make it easy for them to access and consume. You can record a few quick workouts, create a fat loss checklist, or even give them a sample meal plan.

Here’s a quick example from one of our Fitness Marketing Domination coaching group members:


Don’t worry about technology holding you back. It’s easy to deliver these materials with your email marketing system. If you can’t build a page yourself to get people to opt in, look on a site like or Odesk to find someone who can do it cheap and quick.

Leadpages is also a great tool that is easy to use for just about anyone. You can pick one of their templates and get moving right away. 

The goal of this free offer is to allow your Ideal Client to get to know more about you and your business. It’s time to explore what you have to offer to see if it’s a good fit. These free offers or gifts will amplify your marketing by attracting more of the right type of client.

More of the right leads = more chances to help the right people.

Amplifier #2


Once you have a lead’s information (most likely an email and maybe a name), it’s time to start building value in what you do and gaining their trust.

Think about this: How many email lists are you on? Do you trust everyone who sends you emails from something you’ve opted in for?

Chances are you don’t trust most of them, and that’s because they didn’t do a good job of building value and earning your trust. People connect with stories, so a quick and easy way to earn trust with someone is to provide them with information that will help them and then connect that to a success story from someone that they can relate to on some level.

A great way to do this is to take some of your best video or blog post content that’s directly connected to the free offer they accepted and deliver it to them over the course of a week or so.

The key is helping them find a solution to the problem they are trying to solve. Most of the time, it’s not actually the result or outcome that you need to play up either; it’s the feelings that come from reaching that outcome. 

This is where the Creating Your Ideal Client Tool becomes incredibly useful. You’ll know exactly what that outcome and those feelings are for your leads, at least the ones who fit your Ideal Client model.

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Check with your Success Coach to get access.

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Every 2-3 days deliver a new helpful tip and mix in some success stories from your best clients as well. It’s not challenging to create a few quick testimonials or success stories from your clients. Simply take out your phone and do videos interviews of your successful clients before their sessions.

Here are 4 questions to ask them to create a testimonial in less than 60 seconds:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe your biggest fitness/ weight loss struggles
  • What did you discover along the way/ what made the biggest impact for you?
  • What specific results have you gotten, and how has that impacted your life?

Remember, it’s all about helping the lead connect with the stories! You can continue this for 7-14 days until it’s time for the next big step.

Amplifier #3


This is where we take the relationship from online to offline! It’s time to connect with the lead via phone or an in-person meeting. After your 7-14 day value-building and trust-building content sequence, you need to make a solid offer to get the lead to allow you to call them or to schedule a sit-down meeting with them. 

You already know what type of results they are looking for and what interested them in the first place from your Creating Your Ideal Client Tool and the offer they accepted to join your email list.

The next logical step is offering to help them get that feeling they want so badly. You know the one—the one they get when they finally reach their goal. Getting someone on the phone can be a bit of a challenge. While they might give you their phone number, actually connecting with them can be a challenge.

Instead of asking for just a phone number, you should make an offer to sit down with the person face to face to help them reach their goal. The magic is in the offer though! Most people will see right through offering a Success Session to them to discuss their goals. They know you’re going to be selling them something.

Instead, I would go right to offering one of two gifts:

  • Offer to meet with them to write a free 30-day workout program and nutrition plan (if nutrition fits what you offer)
  • Provide them with a front-end offer (FEO) that they can’t refuse!

If you choose the first offer, make sure you are ready to follow up on your promise even if they don’t accept your invite to join the program. You can create a few templated workout and nutrition programs to give them, but make sure they leave with something no matter what happens! 

Just because they didn’t join that day doesn’t mean they are a dead lead; you can always follow up throughout the program to check in and continue the in-person nurturing process.

The free workout offer is a lot like a Success Session where you will ask about their goals and their history finding ways to help them reach their goals. At the end, you can offer to help them get started with an FEO instead of doing the program on their own. 

The second offer to accept an FEO is a bit more forward and may take a little more work to get people to accept. For example, create a 3-4 day email series that follows this sequence with your incredible offer:

  • Day 1: Make the offer and tell them the benefits
  • Day 2: Highlight the features of the program and explain how that helps them reach their goals
  • Day 3: Use a testimonial video or before/after picture
  • Day 4: Use scarcity as your selling point telling them the offer goes away

If you only want to promote for 3 days, replace Day 3 above with Day 4.

Here’s a great example of an FEO:


If they don’t accept, keep them on your newsletter list and keep building value. It might not be the right time. However, if they do accept, you want to start moving the conversation from email to phone and then in person. 

It takes your marketing efforts from passive to active when you start controlling the communication with a lead. All you have to do now is put a call sequence in place to ensure that the lead shows up for you meeting.


Technology can make marketing a lot easier, but don’t forget that marketing is about building relationships, and you run a service business that is built on client relationships. Use technology to your advantage to get more leads so that you can build more relationships.

It’s all about designing the experience for them, not unlike creating a training program.

Your marketing can get a big boost if you simply use these 3 marketing amplifiers in your business.

Create Lead Magnets to Amplify Your Marketing

A lead magnet is content that you hide behind a web form. In order to access the free content the lead gives you information about themselves. It is a great way to generate more leads and build your email list, all while providing valuable content to your audience.

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