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Look Over The Shoulder Of The Training & Performance Industry’s Top Experts And Discover Their Proven Strategies For Unleashing The Performance Of Their Athletes, Accelerating The Results Their Clients Receive, And Maximizing The Development Of Their Staffs!

Elite Training Mentorship

Each and every year, thousands of fitness professionals enter our industry as trainers and coaches. Honestly, most of them have no business here and drop out in less than a couple years—and often just a few months.

They got into the field for the wrong reasons. They didn’t think this was a “real job.” They were just in it for money (they’ll learn the truth soon enough). Let’s face it…

“Anybody can call themselves a trainer or coach. It doesn’t take much more to open up a warehouse gym or open up a bootcamp. But there are dozens and dozens of nuances, techniques and factors that separate elite coaches from the rest.”

But for you, the trainer or coach who got into this for the right reasons and truly aspire to be great at what you do, it’s not exactly easy to figure out how to get there.

Finally, A Master Class For Fitness Pros Who Want To Be The Best In The Field

Imagine being able to “look over the shoulder” of not only one of the world’s best coaches but several of them, each revealing what they have done and continue to do to stay at the forefront of the field.

How much more quickly would you be able to progress as a coach?

How much faster would your clients see results or your athletes improve?

There’s no doubt that it would shave years off the time it would take you to reach the heights on the profession and to build the type of knowledge and skill level you seek.

That’s what the Elite Training Mentorship will do for you.

Several of the top coaches in the world have come together to give you the opportunity to look over their shoulder while they run their own businesses, train their own staffs, and create programs for their own clients.

Here’s What The Elite Training Mentorship Will Do For You


You know the power of coaching. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. As a Member of the Elite Training Mentorship, you’ll be coached by the industry’s best and get the equivalent of attending a weekend seminar each and every month. Best of all, it’s all in one place!!

Your Elite Training Mentorship Curriculum

The Elite Training Mentorship is an extensive collection of tools and resources that will make you a better coach and allow you and your staff to deliver better results to your clients. Learn from coaches like Eric Cressey and his team at Cressey Sports Performance, Mike Robertson and his team at IFAST, Smart Group Training, Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz, myself, and more!

In-Service Training from the Top Gyms in the Country

Elite Training MentorshipThis extensive library includes the exact same in-service trainings that are being delivered in some of the best training facilities in the world. These are closed doors presentations that they are delivering to their team of coaches, which guarantees it is of the highest quality possible.

Having access to these in-services is the next best thing to having an internship or being a team member at some of the top training facilities in the country. You are getting cutting-edge information as soon as our faculty can present it.

When you join today, you get access to well over 100 in-services covering topics from program design to assessments and everything in between.


Done-for-You Programs from Industry-Leading Experts

If you are anything like me, you learn from seeing what other coaches are doing in their programs. WhileElite Training Mentorship you may never take their complete program and use it as-is, you can study programs from the industry leaders and find ways to make your programs even more effective.

These done-for-you programs allow you to see every detail that goes into a program—every set, rep, rest period, and exercise order will be uncovered so you can learn new ways to program for your clients.

Our done-for-you program database includes group training, boot camps, small group training, personal training, and everything in-between. No mater what type of programs you run, you will be able to learn and improve as a coach.

Elite Training Mentorship currently has over 50 done-for-you programs ready for you to review.

Case Study Reviews

Elite Training MentorshipThese case studies get you inside the heads of the top coaches in the industry to see exactly how and why they are making decisions in their program design. Get an in-depth review of everything from the assessment to the exercise selection for a wide array of clients.

You will get access to programs used with elite level and professional athletes all way down to everyday clients who want to look, move, and feel their best. No stone is left unturned with these case studies, and they allow you to get inside the heads of the industry’s best. You now get to see the latest program design and strategies of the best gyms in the country!


Coaching Videos

Do you ever find yourself searching for a new exercise or movement to put in a client’s program?Elite Training Mentorship

If so, you will enjoy our giant database of coaching videos that break down movements and exercises of nearly every category you can imagine. With these videos, you will learn how the best coaches in the industry are breaking down progressions, regressions, and coaching cues to get the most from their clients.

These videos will give you the variety you want in your programs and ensure that you know exactly how the best coaches in the industry cue up and progress each of these exercises.

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ETM Private Facebook Coaching Group

Elite Training MentorshipWe are bringing the power of social media to ETM and creating a community of high-level, like-minded coaches. This private Facebook group will allow you to surround yourself with coaches who can help you be the best coach possible.

Exchange ideas, ask questions, and build professional relationships with other coaches! This is your place to not just learn but also interact with other great coaches.

Plus, you’ll be able to access our Faculty through exclusive Q&A sessions, getting your most pressing questions answered by the industry’s best.

Having access to these resources is the next best thing to actually working alongside the best coaches in the field, but you can learn from them and improve as a coach without ever leaving home.


Elite Training Mentorship

Cressey Sports Performance Library

As an Elite Training Mentorship Member, you’ll gain Instant Access to the Cressey Sports Performance Library. Cressey Sports Performance is one of the industry’s most respected training facilities and has been home to hundreds of professional athletes.

You’ll get over 40 Full In-Service Trainings Addressing:

  • Functional Anatomy of the Upper and Lower Body
  • Programming Your Warm Ups
  • Shoulder Assessments and Corrective Programming
  • Much More!

You’ll also get access to Over 60 Detailed Coaching Videos that break down movements and exercises while explaining the details of programming and coaching effectively.

Mike Robertson and IFAST Library

Mike Robertson is one of the industry’s leading coaches, and his facility, Indianapolis Fitness & Sports Training, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Gyms in the country by Men’s Heath Magazine.

In the Mike Robertson & IFAST Library, you’ll get over 30 In-Service Trainings covering:

  • Program Design
  • Deadlift, Squat, Push and Pull
  • Core Training
  • Athletic Development
  • Fat Loss Training

You’ll also get over 60 Coaching Videos and Checklists breaking down each movement and progressions and designed to develop your team and systemize your programming.

Smart Group Training Library

Smart Group Training has done more to move group programming away from health-club-style group exercise and toward high-quality personal training than any other single resource.

In the Smart Group Training Library, you’ll get over 24 In-Service Trainings covering:

  • Core Training
  • SGT Live
  • Specific Assessments
  • Breathing and Corrective Training

You’ll also gain access to over 45 Coaching Videos breaking down movements, teaching you to properly cue exercises, and much more.

In addition to all this, you’ll get 19 different Case Studies and Done-for-You Programs showing you how to put both Group Training and Semi-Private Training into action at an elite level.

Resistance Band Training Library

Dave Schmitz and Resistance Band Training are the world’s #1 resource for education on training with bands. In the Resistance Band Training Library, you’ll get over 20 Different Done-for-You Workouts:

  • Individual Workouts
  • Complete Programs
  • New Update Each Month

You’ll also gain access to over 30 Workshop and In-Service Videos and over 60 Exercise Videos detailing how to integrate bands into your programming, how to differentiate your service with bands, and how to get your clients better results no matter what their goal is.

Vertex Performance Systems Library

Vertex Performance Systems has created and published the latest training and nutrition info for fat loss and transformation programming. In the Vertex Performance Systems Library, you will get immediate access to:

  • Monthly Done For You Fat Loss Workouts
  • Fat Loss Training In-Services
  • Fat Loss Nutrition In-Services
  • Coaching Videos
  • And More…

ETM Coaches Vault

At Elite Training Mentorship we have accumulated over NINE YEARS worth of in-services, programs, and coaching videos from various experts in the industry. You have access to all of this and more as a member of the Elite Training Mentorship.

Our Coaches Vault includes:

  • Done-for-You Metabolic Training Workouts from a Men’s Health Author, Tyler English
  • Over a Hundred Coaching and Exercise Videos
  • Performance Training In-Services from World-Class Athletes and Coaches Ryan Mckie and Vaughn Bethell of QSA Performance
  • Done-for-You Group Training Workouts from BJ Gaddour
  • Interview with Our Faculty That Give You Insider Info on Their Success
  • A Complete 7-Part Seminar on Nutrition Coaching
  • Olympic Lifting Coaching Videos
  • And Much, Much More!

That’s over 30 Done-for-You Workouts and 100+ Exercise and Coaching Videos just in our archives!

Special BONUS! Insider Secrets Bundle ($199.80 Value)

Elite Training Mentorship

We know how important education is to you as a high level coach and trainer. So w e put together some of our best resources and organized them in a way that allows you to use them to train your staff or to educate yourself.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to 4 of our best selling courses including:

  • Insider Secrets of Program Design
  • Insider Secrets of Core Training
  • Insider Secrets of Movement Prep
  • Insider Secrets of Athletic Development

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