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FROM: Ryan Ketchum

DATE: April 19, 2019

At some point in your business you’ll start to get so busy that you’re not able to do quite as much as you want to grow. You’ll be leaving to-do’s on your task list and having to make decisions on what is most important.

Or you’ll completely burn yourself out trying to get it all done and keep up a pace that isn’t sustainable.

Does any of that sound familiar?

You might already be there! If not, know that when you’re great at what you do, it’s not far off!

You’re schedule will get so filled up with client sessions and following up with clients that all of a sudden any marketing activities you were doing get left behind so that you can keep up with your clients.

The trouble with that is when you don’t catches up to you. It may be okay right now but in a few months when you need to add a few more clients or want to grow past your current income level, it will be a challenge to grow.

That’s how I discovered the power of email marketing! And there’s great news…’s not as complex as many make it out to be, especially when using it the right way to grow your local training business.

My name is Ryan Ketchum, and I’ve been where you are! I started my first training business out of a small powerlifting gym using credit cards to get it set up.

I was able to grow it quickly by getting good results and continuing to develop as a trainer. However, that wasn’t enough for me to reach my ultimate goal of having a HUGE business. I had to learn more…

That’s when I began to focus on my development as a marketer and business owner. Eventually I became so busy training clients that my marketing efforts were lacking.

I was training up to 10-12 sessions a day with 3-4 people in each session and had zero time to do any work on my business. 

Every hour was spent training or writing programs. It was exhausting!

And then when a client or two left I had to work incredibly hard, with essentially no extra time, to add more clients to my business.

So I began searching for ways to leverage myself and scale my marketing. Now, all this was before the days of Facebook ads and mobile-optimized websites. But there was one secret resource that I discovered before just about everyone else in my area…Email Marketing!

"Email Marketing Drives More Conversions Than Any Other Marketing Channel"

Now with the power of paid marketing like Facebook ads, the power of social media and the ease of setting up websites, squeeze pages/landing pages and marketing campaigns—it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the power of email marketing.

But, most trainers get it wrong! They try to use pre-written newsletters, provide close to no value and have zero idea how to build a local email list.

Add all that to the fact that they aren’t consistent and don’t stick with the email marketing strategy and it produces close to no results.

That’s great news for you!

Email Marketing is One of the Most Powerful Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Grow Your Business

Since most business owners (not just trainers but all businesses) aren’t using an effective email marketing strategy and don’t have the know-how or resources to improve it—you can take advantage of this HUGE GAP in the market.

And it’s really not that difficult to put together a simple and incredibly effective email marketing strategy.

Just like in your training programs you’ll want to produce a ton of value, be consistent and give your subscribers (<-- Those are the people on your email list) a great experience.

If you can do that you’ll be way ahead of everyone else.

To take it up a notch you can use the tips and tricks that you’ll learn in this Email Marketing System course to optimize your email marketing strategy and completely dominate your market!

"For Every $1 Spent, Email Marketing Generates $38 in ROI." ~ Campaign Monitor

In fact, these are the strategies that I used to grow a list of over 7,500 people in my local area without spending a ton of money.

That list helped me grow my previous business to over 400 clients and produce over $700,000 a year in revenue with a great profit margin.

You need to understand something though…

....the market is getting more competitive! That means you need to get on board with these strategies to leverage your time and make your marketing more effective before your competition does.

And with the power of social media, Facebook marketing and all the other technological tools you have available to you it’s easier than ever to grow a big local list.

The Biggest Advantage of a Local Email List

Scaling your marketing and being able to leverage your time and energy is critical if you want to rapidly grow your business.

That’s exactly what having a local email list does for you!

When you use marketing strategies to grow an email list you can have more frequent conversations with your audience and market to them more effectively.

Instead of having to hope (that’s a terrible strategy) that your new challenge or offer gets in front of your audience through FB ads or other marketing methods, you can have an email list that you consistently add value to and have conversations with. Simply send out a few emails to add clients to your business or promote your offers.

It really is that easy, but only if you follow the simple strategies that you’ll learn in this Email Marketing System course.

Imagine being able to get in the inbox and get thousands of eyes on your next challenge.

Even if a fraction of your list takes you up on your offer, it could mean 10-15 new clients for your business. All because you took the time to follow this system, build your email list and hit send.

Your Email Marketing System

For the first time ever you can get the email marketing system that’s been proven to grow businesses plus all the added strategies and tricks that I’ve learned over the past several years running several online businesses.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this Email Marketing System course:

  • Exactly how to build your email list without spending a ton of extra money
  • The power of having a local email list if you want to grow your business
  • Tricks to building a great lead magnet that attracts your target market
  • The simple steps to building out an email campaign that will turn leads into clients using a proven formula
  • The secret to making your email marketing work even if you’ve failed before without spending hours on it

Module 1: Build Your List

In this first module you’ll learn the power of building a local list and the methods you can use to grow your list (even if you hate technology!).

Email marketing platforms today make building a list easy, and in this module you’ll learn exactly where to go and how to build it!

You’ll discover:

  • What a lead magnet is and why it’s critical to your success and growing your email list
  • How to pick the right lead magnets and a simple trick to create them fast
  • How to leverage joint ventures to grow your list for virtually no cost
  • The key to optimizing your website for opt-ins so that you can grow your list
  • Strategies for using paid marketing both online and offline to add subscribers and generate more leads

Module 2: Create Your Campaigns

Email marketing is great, but using it strategically with the right campaigns makes it even more effective.

Campaigns are a series of pre-written, planned emails that nurture your leads and provide them value so they are more prepared to join your programs when it’s time.

You’ll learn our proven formula for these campaigns that’s easy to set up and simple to create.

Learn how to:

  • Introduce your brand and business to new leads so they want to learn more about you.
  • Provide value to new leads that will teach them what you do, how you do it and why you are the best.
  • Eliminate doubt from your leads through strategic placement of testimonials and success stories.
  • Create a simple 3 email sequence that will convert leads into clients quickly and easily.

Plus, you’ll get some inside info on what makes an email marketing system work…

Creating a system that is unique to your business and that will be easy to implement for you as the business is key.

You’ll discover:

  • Exactly how many times per week to send emails if you want results
  • The MOST IMPORTANT factor when deciding how many emails you’ll send
  • Tips on getting your subscribers to take action early on in the process so your sales emails are more effective

Module 3: Effective Email Copywriting

Arguably one of the most challenging things to learn when creating an email marketing system is how to write good copy.

Good copywriting could be the difference between adding 100 people a week to your email list or adding 10 per month. It can also be the difference in signing up 15 people to your next challenge or none!

Using the tips and tricks that you’ll learn in this module will help you write better copy using a simple, proven formula. It’s the same one we use for our email marketing now, and it’s the one I use to teach other business owners.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • How to write powerful and attention grabbing headlines for all your copy
  • The keys to a great subject line that guarantees your emails are opened by more people
  • The formula for writing your email copy to get more clicks and make more sales
  • Why you need a P.S. in emails if you want to grow your business
  • Tips on getting your readers to take action when it matters most

Plus, These Great BONUSES Worth $379.95...

In addition to the modules that teach you the system, you’ll also get access to some huge bonuses that will make getting started on this system easier than ever!

Email Marketing Swipe Files (A $99.99 Value)

Get instant access to templates that will help you build your email campaigns and grow your business.

It’s always challenging to start from scratch when writing great copy, so we’ve done most of the work for you and turned our most effective email campaigns into easy-to-use templates for you.

You’ll get these campaigns in this bonus:

  • The Welcome Email to introduce your brand to a new lead
  • 3 Content Emails to build value
  • 2 Social Proof Emails to eliminate doubt
  • A 3 Email Sequence to sell your first offer

Each of these emails has been written with a specific result in mind and tested for effectiveness. Simply plug them into your campaign and let them go to work for you!

Sample Lead Magnet Landing Pages (A $49.99 Value)

If you want to have a great email marketing system you need to have a way to grow your list. That’s why we’ve provided you with examples of our two highest converting landing pages!

Follow the template of these pages and create your own high converting landing page to grow your email list!

Copywriting Cheat Sheet (A $99.99 Value)

Writing effective copy is tough! That’s why you’ll get access to our copywriting cheat sheet with tips and tricks to help you write high converting copy for your sales pages and landing pages.

This cheat sheet is what we use to write copy for all of our businesses and it gives you the perfect jump start to creating a great sales page even if you hate copywriting.

Sales Email Cheat Sheet (A $99.99 Value)

There’s a very specific formula to use when writing your email copy if you want to get more sales. Using this cheat sheet you’ll have access to our best tips and tricks for writing great email copy.

We’ll show you the exact formula to use and breakdown all the components of a great email.

Newsletter Schedule Cheat Sheet (A $29.99 Value)

Consistency is key when using email marketing to grow your business. Use this quick cheat sheet and answer just 4 questions to determine how often you should be sending emails to your list.

This ensures you can keep up with your email marketing system without overwhelming you or your list with too many emails.

You’ll even get access to sample templates and schedules that show exactly what to send on what days for the most effective system.

Don’t Leave Your Marketing to Chance

It’s a matter of time, if it’s not already happening, that you will get busy and you’ll need a smart marketing strategy that allows you to leverage your time and produce great results to grow your business.

That’s exactly what a good email marketing system will do for you!

Other gurus and business coaches are selling email marketing products for upwards of $999.99. And I’m sure they are worth it when you consider the power of email marketing for your business.

However, we wanted to make the Email Marketing System course accessible for all the great trainers that deserve to have a business that provides them with more money, frees up more of their time and allows them to focus on what they love doing.

We could easily charge $200, $500 or even more for this course and it would be worth every penny.

But, not many trainers would have the chance to benefit from it at that price.

So we made the decision to offer this course at an insane price of just $79!

Get Your Email Marketing System for Just $79 Today!

Why just $79?

It’s simple really...

Every trainer that’s willing to invest in their development and that truly believes they are great at what they do can afford to invest $79 to get access to this powerful marketing system.

With this small investment you could easily get a 10X return in a matter of days!

100% Risk Free Guarantee

I’m so confident that this system will help you grow your business I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee on it.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply email us and we’ll refund you immediately.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to get 10X of your investment back in a matter of weeks if you simply put this to use.

If you don’t, we’ll refund your money!


I want every great trainer on earth to have this resource.

In fact, if you’re not a great trainer and don’t deliver results PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS! It wouldn’t be ethical for you to benefit financially from it. And you’ll be stealing clients from great trainers.

However, most trainers are really good at what they do and are always trying to get better so I’m betting that you’re the same. So, make sure to get your Email Marketing System course today for the regular price of $79. Think about it...if this system gets you just 1 new client it could easily be worth $2,000.

What would you pay to have a system that can help you grow your business while saving you time and energy?

If that system only got you 3-4 new clients a month you could pay $1,000 for it and still come out a lot! Or you could spend thousands on books, trainings and hours trying to create your own.

However, if you’re like me you want to take the fast track to success and there’s no reason to recreate the wheel. So, act now because I want you to have this powerful email marketing system process to help more people get amazing results.

And I want you to finally be rewarded by making more money without having to work harder.

Just $79 Today


Make today your best,


P.S. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to grow your business. And it doesn’t have to be difficult to set up or generate results for you.

Now you can have access to my proven email marketing system that will help you grow your business without burning you out!

But we’re only offering it to top level trainers that deliver great results for their clients!

If that sounds like you make sure you get the Email Marketing System today for just $79.

Grow Your Business With This System

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