Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof Is In The Results (Part 4)

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(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

This is a four-part blog series showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System into members of our Coaching Programs businesses.

We aren’t just talking the talk!

The Power of a Process: How To Increase Client Growth by 400%

There’s a reason that we’ve built a Coaching Process into our Fitness Business Alignment System.

You need a structured process for accountability and progress in your business.

It’s the same reason you have a plan for working with your clients to help them reach their goals. They need support, accountability, and coaching.

Business owners will start seeing big results when they implement both sides of our Fitness Business Alignment System:

  • The 5 Alignment Principles™ and the tools that go with them
  • The Coaching Process

That’s exactly what happened in Joe’s business! After attending a Live Coaching Day in the Accelerator Coaching Program, he was able to identify key issues in his business and start putting a plan in action to correct them

The results?

Well, we’ll get to those, but I can assure you they’re pretty amazing : )

In the past quarter, Joe’s made incredible progress in his business. Because of this progress, he’s closer than ever to being able to leave his full-time job and focus completely on his business.

He was able to do this by using our systematic approach to creating solutions. Now he can make this difficult transition and be comfortable knowing he’s got everything in place to provide for his young family.

Joe’s a go-getter! He set some lofty SMARTR Rocks™ for the quarter and worked consistently with his Success Coach to make sure he was on track to complete them.

Over the course of the quarter, Joe:

  • Set up his client management system to get accurate reporting
  • Educated himself on the tax process and hired a tax preparer
  • Transitioned clients to autopay
  • Established a conversion plan for all Front-End Offers
  • Established a streamlined marketing plan and implemented a calendar
  • Developed and Documented a referral process

That’s more SMARTR Rocks than we typically advise, but Joe proved that he could tackle them, and he leveraged his Success Coach through the Coaching Process to stay on track.

By successfully completing his SMARTR Rocks, Joe has created solutions that will provide a big return on the time he invested.

What was the ROI?

  • 50 new clients added in the last quarter for a 400% increase
  • Doubled his Core Offer Growth Rate
  • Increased his Operating Margin to 123.67%
  • Average monthly revenue has tripled compared to last year
  • Increased time with family
  • Finally able to leave his full-time job and commit to running his business

All from following the Coaching Process and implementing the Fitness Business Alignment System.

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Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof Is In The Results (Part 4)

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